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FRIDAY, 19 JUNE 2015

Hillarys Crafts Competition - Rayna Apple Print

Howd'ya like them apples?

Last year I entered Hillarys Blogger Crafting competition and it inspired me so much it created a whole project which has taken me (and still is) over a year to complete.... more HERE

So this year I was more than ever up for the challenge and I really gave it some thought as to what I could make that not only really shows off the wonderful print but uses the colour and is practical for me!
A tough task - but I think I have cracked it and I hope you agree!


Growth Spurt - Gro-Sure Plant Magic

I am in mid planting heaven, with most of my beans in and tomatoes coming out of my ears, things are looking very green, lush and just waiting for some long, warm Summer days!


My Top 10 Gardening Tips! #GardenSecrets

I am quite simply obsessed with gardening. I remember as a child pulling carrots with my Dad on Sunday mornings in time for the roast and helping Mum weed (normally if I wanted something!) but now I love the quiet, the peace and the satisfaction it gives me. READ MORE....