About Me, PR and Legal Bits!

About me
LocationBere Regis, Dorset, England, United Kingdom
IntroductionHi I'm Lemon. 42 year old mother of 1 son; Evan-Eric who has ADHD, we have a great time together and he is hard work but worth every minute!

I am an avid fundraiser and like nothing more than to dress up silly and mess about in the name of charity and if it raises a few pounds on the way then it's all good!
My background is in Retail, Animal Welfare and Finance (Yes quite a mix) and I have a Degree in Design Communications - Advertising/PR/Copywriting and Law.

I read a great deal and at the moment have a huge thirst for Zombie fiction and post apocalypse themed books - anything with a good viral infection!
Social Media addict and thoroughly enjoy promoting companies and products/services I love!
Favourite Films

It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol, KPax, LotR, The Hobbit, any Sci Fi - Silent Running being one of my all time faves - Huge horror fan! Time travel movies!

Favourite Music   

Rock, Dance, Folk you name it I probably like it! I do not like downloading music (probably my age!) but I just love to have an actual item to look at! I still collect vinyl and yes I have a turntable but it USB! Huge Floyd fan, Bon Jovi (Seen them 20 times since '84) Bowie, Rod Stewart, Deep Purple and Ozzy...I could go on..



Thank you for reading my blog! I love to review things/places and even people so if you would like to work with me please get in touch! 

Legal Crumbs.....

All my reviews are written using my own opinion,I do not get paid to write any of them unless this is stated as sponsored, partnered or 'in association' in which case a small fee was received to write the post but my opinion is my own.
I sometimes receive the item for free and this is always stated. If there is any variation to this it will be posted on the individual page.

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