Thursday, 2 March 2017

Jplex - Jerome Russell Bleaching Hair at Home

If like me you love ice blonde hair, you will know how much damage repeated processing can do. Leaving hair broken, dry and frizzy nothing you can do mends the damage once it has happened..... Until now.

Last year you may have heard of Olaplex for the first time. A bonding agent that rebuilds your hair from the inside out. It is expensive though and if you are in London can easily add £50 to your hair salon bill!

So I was thrilled to learn that master of the home bleach; Jerome Russell has developed a home use product called Jplex - exclusively available in Boots at £12.99.

I had to have a try and you can watch my How To guide over on YouTube!

I am thrilled with the product and the entire line compliments each other leaving your hair feeling soft, manageable and completely over process FREE!

Bleaching has never had it so good!