Thursday, 11 August 2016


Wicked Uncle approached us and asked if we would like to try out a gift of up to £40 from their website. I handed the whole project over to Evan and let him choose and order the item he would like to review.

Evan chose the X-cam Quadcopter Drone as he is a skateboarder and wanted to see if it would record him whilst he skates.

He has split the review in to two parts so you can see the unboxing video below:


Part two will be live shortly so please make sure you check out the flight footage!

Wicked Uncle's ordering process is probably one of the most informative I have come across. From the instant you order you are kept in the loop via email and text; letting you know exactly where your order is and how long it will be. I was really impressed!

Gifts for kids get harder all the time and I love how Wicked Uncle have sourced quirky and unusual items that you wouldn't come across normally. Evan loved loads of items on there, so if it grabs the attention of a 14 year old,  then they must be doing something right!

I absolutely love the T shirts that you can write on then they light up via LED at night, I want one for myself!

You can search via age of whom you are buying for, sex, interests etc so it really is simple to narrow down what you are looking for.

So I will update with Evan's Part 2 and see how the drone flies!