Friday, 16 October 2015

My Best Friend's Birthday

Today is yet another birthday for my best friend - no big deal you might say... under normal circumstances and after the crap birthday I had this year I would probably agree! Except this is no ordinary best friend.

JACK is my cat and today he is an amazing 19 years old! I can't believe he has made it to such an awesome age, maybe it is a lifetime of pheasant, chicken breast and salmon!

Jack is a Thai Blue Point Korat and has the pedigree name of  Chandrakan King of Siam Sahm - when I got him he was known as Sam but as I had a friend of the same name he became Jackson, after my favourite guitar.
I was in hospital after a severe Asthma attack and I came around on the ward to a woman in the next bed shrieking about the 'devil' in her house (yes she was waiting for a psych bed) and how the cat was evil and hated everybody and everything and constantly attacked her and her Mother!
I, at the time was looking for a cat and said I will take him! It was arranged and after my discharge I went and picked him up.
He was 4 months old and he was spitting and flying around the house - so I did wonder if she was right; but then I realised the WHOLE, entire house was covered in plastic - every surface, floor, items... 'to stop hair' apparently! I then noticed he had on a large leather stitched dog collar, the thick type you see on Staffs! Seriously!
No wonder the poor cat felt alienated and nervous. I quickly stuffed him in the cat box and got the hell out of dodge!

Jack arrived at my house and the collar was removed, much to lots of stretching and rolling around. He the proceeded to explore and got under the duvet!
Pretty much that has been his favourite place ever since, anywhere warm and you will find him.

107 degrees in my greenhouse at one point this year and he was in his furry bed asleep!

He has been through everything with me, moved three times, through deaths, births and during my labour with Evan he vocally joined in every time I had a contraction!

He is the only living connection to my Sister, Dad and Mum and that makes me sad sometimes, but also I wonder if he remembers ...

He is still in very good health and lives on Sheba, Pate and Webbox Lick-e-Lix which he loves, weekly treats of ham, chicken and anything else he fancies seems to keep him going. He still eats, drinks and washes himself but mostly he sleeps and around 100 in human years I don't blame him!

So Jackson Blue Face; Happy Birthday my wonderful friend, I love you dearly and I hope I have many more years of your company!

Photo from the Daily Express - copyright

Last year on his 18th!

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