Friday, 2 October 2015

Baking At Home With Aldi - Review

Evan surprised me last week by coming home from school extremely motivated and excited! What on Earth could cause this, you may ask!


Yes, the yeasty risen goodness that is the humble loaf. He had been making bread and subsequently produced 4 wonderful, tasty loaves for dinner.

So when Aldi asked if I would like to try a bread maker from the new Home Baking range - I asked Ev if he would like to review it as a guest and this is his result!

Introduction to the equipment:

The process:


This Morning:


Aldi’s Compact Bread Maker (£39.99) has 12 programmes, with combinations including basic and french, whole wheat, cake, pizza dough and jam. Featuring a 13 hour delay bake timer and an automatic one hour keep-warm function, this bread maker allows bakers of all levels to return home to that delicious aroma of freshly baked loaves.

Measure your ingredients precisely with Aldi’s Digital Kitchen Scales (£6.99)

Vintage Retro Apron (£4.99)

And just because Mums can embarrass their kids:

The quality of this apron is amazing and I actually will be using it!

So with Christmas around the corner (only 12 weeks today so 11 Fridays !!) why not nip to Aldi and check out the entire range. With prices from as little as £2.99 you are sure to find that perfect gift for any budding Mary Berry!

We were not paid for this review but we did receive the products to keep. This is an honest review after using the items.