Monday, 21 September 2015

VERY Public (Non) Relations!

I like my little blog
a place where I abide
It isn't very posh
but a place I've laughed & cried

I work with really nice people
and companies that are great
and sometimes I photograph 
the food upon my plate

I love my little blog
it doesn't draw a crowd
but if I've got something to say 
it lets me say it - LOUD

PR companies of which I have worked
are really always very cool
and rarely am I irked
or left feeling like a tool

So this morning when gmail called
imagine my surprise
a bunch of lovely emails
from the Devil in disguise

I had approached a company
a friendly little Hi
just to say do you use bloggers
and this was the reply

Her blog is awful
No way! they said
it's her I told you about
shall we send her a bed?

Absolutely not - her blog is really bad
I read on these emails
and it made me very sad

I wrote back and said STOP 
Do you not know you are sending them to me
BUT they carried on
and didn't listen to my plea

I looked up the company directors
and it actually came from them
I hope they don't discuss investors
or the company they'd condemn

How very unprofessional
don't get me wrong I can take NO
but to do it so personally
what a seriously bad show

So off I toddled to a blogger group
and amid the tears
I told them what was happening
and you could hear the jeers

It is not the criticism
or their response to my plea
but to not check that I'd been sent
their opinion of me

SO PR peeps please be aware
We bloggers we do mix
and situations like this 
are very hard to fix

Just make sure if you think
that this or that blogs' no good
DON'T email the blogger
and be PROFESSIONAL like you should.