Monday, 21 September 2015

Ocean Finance - Bird House Blogger Challenge

I love making things, if I had more time I would be Dorset's answer to Ms Allsop and be completely dressed in hand sewn clothes, wearing jewellery designed and made, baking gorgeous goodies in my kitchen all whist making a macrame plant holder and have the pot roast cooking in the range!

Seriously though - art is a big fave of mine and always has been. Ocean Finance contacted me and asked if I would like to take part in the blogger competition run in conjunction with their Homeowner Loans department: 'Make a House A Home'.
It involved upcycling a basic wooden bird house and making it ... well fabulous!

We each got sent a bird house and a £25 voucher to spend at Buddly Crafts for items to use in the project. The selection is extensive and you can find everything you could possibly need for a craft project!

I chose:

Well this was a definite for me as I have one area left in my garden which I am hoping will be completed for spring. I am creating a fairy/magic garden area - with the only private area of my garden.
This gave me the basic idea of turning the birdhouse into a home for the most choosy of fairy guests!

So the first thing to do was to use up paint that I have in the cupboard and I chose a mint green and a mid blue and painted the house all over:

I then painted an old square cake board and stuck down a sheet of green felt to stand the house upon - this was to give a feeding area outside the house itself so as to get the birds used to the item - they can be REALLY fussy!

On to the roof - I keep everything that can be used for art and buttons are one thing I have a mass of, so I thought I would do a spot of tiling!

The leather flowers are just gorgeous and for centres I have used beads from my hoard. This huge bag was 50p at a boot sale!

Threaded onto wire then placed in the green 'grass' and glued into place!

So final touches included some paper mache mushrooms again from a booty for 50p and added the gorgeous paper butterflies in various situations - then a paperclip for a hanger next to the door and of course, what home could be without a key!
You can find old keys in second hand shops, sales, car boots and my loft!
 The stick on gems/flowers are from my craft box.

The only thing I couldn't fit on were the wooden cut outs but rest assured they will be utilised in my garden somehow!

Last but not least is the final item and this can't be added until the bird house is in place in my tree, I have fitted a small screw in hook under the board to hang a fat ball feeder - just so the  birds  fairies get used to their new home!

My favourite item that I bought with my voucher is the Collall Varnish Glue, it is just brilliant - dries REALLY fast and is suitable for most materials. I gave everything a coat after mounting and it is completely clear and varnishes wonderfully!

So with the help of 3 toothpicks, painted gold the welcome sign is complete!

Thank you so much for letting me participate in this crafting comp, it was awesome and as you can see - upcycling is so easy, cheap and fun! Have a go at anything you have - I would love to see your creations!

If you fancy a go at the bird house it sells for only £3.69! Details here but please browse as Buddly have such a massive range!

Managed to get it up in the tree this morning!

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