Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Suffering with SAD - SUMMER Affected Disorder!

I know I suffer from SAD during the Autumn/Winter months - if I were a small furry mammal I would take to my nest on Sept 30th and wake up on March 1st - quite literally full of the joys of spring!

Unfortunately for us humans this is just not possible and so I tend to go out when I need to and stay wrapped in duvets, miserable when I am inside except when I'm eating stew!

I just generally do not like being cold, ever! I don't like draughts, chills, grey days or lack of sun and this Summer  debacle of weather we have had this year has brought my SAD on early.

The view today!

Whilst the rest of Europe and North Africa experience a heat wave we have had generally 7 weeks of no more than 4 consecutive days of warm, unbroken summer sunshine!

I want need a holiday in the heat, sizzling next to a pool with a book and watching my son swim.

I have never taken Ev abroad and other than cost - this is due to the fact I just don't know enough about doing it! I have never had a beach holiday, not with the girls or a partner.

 I was always backpacking or going away with my large group of friends to festivals in this country so it just never happened.

I don't know what companies to trust, how to book, what to look for or even really as a single Mum of a young teen - where to take him!

I have looked at single parent holidays but it seems for the privilege you end up paying ten times the amount, so that was a no-hoper!

So anyone with any tips for next year? Best Companies, nice places??