Monday, 1 June 2015

Growth Spurt - Gro-Sure Plant Magic

I am in mid planting heaven, with most of my beans in and tomatoes coming out of my ears, things are looking very green, lush and just waiting for some long, warm Summer days!

Me too!

Summer isn't Summer without strawberries, so I have obviously got a few plants already showing fruit. This year I have decided to grow some in my patio baskets and they look lovely in with a few flowers.

I decided to do a comparison planting so I planted the first two baskets with Plant Magic from Gro-Sure and the third without.



Isn't it just amazing? As an advertising graduate I tend not to believe everything I see but this truly works just like it says!
Everything I have planted with it so far is coming on lush, full and fast!

You can see the ad HERE

As you can see it is as simple as just throwing in a handful when you sow/plant or pot up!

Incredible stuff!

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I was not compensated to write this post and it is my own honest opinion after using the product.