Thursday, 14 May 2015

Getting Your #LDN on with @Superbreak!

Evan and I LOVE London - it has always been a favourite place to go and I was always determined to take him as often as I possibly could so that he could be exposed to the vibrancy and multi-culture that it is so rich in.

He is now completely able to use the tube at 13 and I would be confident that if we ever get lost he could use the bus and tube to find me or our hotel!
I always wanted him to be know that by his later teens he could whisk himself off to the 'Old Smoke!'

I am sure it is in our genes as my Mum was born in Lambeth and evacuated down to Dorset as a baby, returning frequently after the war to visit and stay with family.  When Ev was a toddler we used to do car boot sales and he used to copy the traders and could be heard shouting "5lb of bananas for a £1!! " (we didn't have bananas) but the barra boy was in him, right n proppa, Guv.

SuperBreak are asking 'What Type of Tourist are You?' on their blog - and you get the chance to win an awesome 4* break in the capitol just for telling them which type you are and why!

We are definitely #LDNSuperCulture but also with a hint of #LDNSuperTheatre - as we just love to weed out the mysterious, infamous and down right creepy; places to visit!
Horror fans to the max we love Whitechapel and the Jack the Ripper tours, The London Dungeons and Tombs and basically anywhere that is just ...well a bit gross!

So far our favourite place to visit is the Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garret which is part of St. Thomas's Hospital and was hidden for years until discovered by accident in 1956!

We also do love a show and Ev is desperate to see The Woman in Black as he is crazy about the movie.
We are also REALLY up for the new Zombie experience that is currently taking place The Generation of Z - running until the 5th of July.

So what do you love about London? You can enter via Twitter or Facebook!

Make sure you enter!