Tuesday, 7 April 2015

How Would My Garden Grow ....

......with a Debenhams' Garden Party!

I love gardening, which helps seeing as I have a huge garden. I was born and raised here, I pulled carrots with my Dad on warm summer Sunday mornings, ate ripe strawberries straight from the plant, had plenty of water fights, dens and tent making holidays within these hedges and in later years sunbathing on my tin foil bed, covered in Ambre Solaire oil (factor 0-2) most often resembling this:

So now it is my turn to reinvent this garden and last year I spent spring doing the front garden, digging up an old lawn, 70 year old pampas grass and digging in borders. I watched YouTube videos on how to lay turf and then did it! I planted purple and blue flowers all along the pathways and paved a hard standing for all the recycling bins! It was a long task but looks great now and I am really happy with it....
Now for the other 5 BIGGER areas!

So my next project and this Spring/Summer task is to make my magical garden.

I am turning this:

into a garden fit for these:

So it needs to be special and have a wonderful fairy/Hobbit/Magical feel!

Debenhams have set an Easter challenge to bloggers to come up with a mood board that incorporates at least 5 favourite pieces from their Garden range.

So here is my board, I am keeping up with my theme of magic by incorporating butterflies and earthy, magical shapes like the Apple from Snow White being the beautiful day bed or the Golden egg being represented by the hanging chair... well at least that is how I HOPE it comes across!

Clockwise from left

Set of four pink beaded flower coasters

Debenhams Taupe and cream 'Elizabeth' 2.7m parasol

La Hacienda Garden mirror

Debenhams Brown hanging chair

Butterfly Home by Matthew Williamson - Designer plastic pink tumbler

Designer medium purple butterfly wall decoration

Grey Outdoor Cfl Illuminated Decorative Ball Light

Debenhams Brown 'LA Apple' outdoor daybed

Debenhams Brown 'LA Rio' corner unit

Landmann Moon and stars firepit

So there it is my magical mood board complete with Cauldron and Magic Mirror!

The last piece which I am giving a special mention to is the cushion by designer Laura Oakes who is visually just SO exciting!
It gives such great colour so I would have to have loads of her cushions all over!

So why not have a go yourself or if I have made you feel inspired nip on over to http://www.debenhams.com/ and have a wander around, the famous Blue Cross sale is on so you can save loads too!

This is my entry for the Easter Blogger competition win a garden party set worth 1500!

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