Friday, 10 April 2015

Book Review - The Girl in 6E

The Girl in 6E (Deanna Madden #1) by A.R Torre

I am not into spoilers so don't worry if you haven't read this book yet, I won't be giving anything away!

I won this book along with loads more from Orion books on Instagram for a 'Anti-Valentines' competition; Anti-love, murder, mayhem .... just say books with BITE!

I entered the comp because the cover of this book and the title sparked something, if you read you know what I mean!
I briefly read the puff on the back and didn't really take it in so I wasn't really aware what the story basis was.

There have been a wave in recent years where the female lead characters seem to really annoy me (probably more in the film adaptions than the actual books) they are insipid and dull, even though they can fight and/or are supposedly strong they almost seem catatonic when it comes to speaking out or faced with a hot male story counterpart! (I'm thinking Bella or Katniss) This girl is exactly the opposite, she is interesting, opinionated and has more issues than National Geographic!

The story revolves around the female character; Deanna Madden; and what she does in her apartment and more importantly why she is imposing this self inflicted imprisonment to the point of almost orchestrated agoraphobia!
Not wanting to mix with any other living person it demonstrates how hard it really is to avoid all human contact which causes untold turmoil for all those involved.

The book is so well written, very fresh and very relevant in today's world.

The chapters dedicate themselves to different characters' perspectives of the situation that is evolving and it works really well.

The last 3 chapters just started me wanting the next book and for the lead to come back as some type of twisted, vengeful superhero - she is NOT your run of the mill caped crusader that is for sure!

I didn't read 50 Shades - well actually I read 4 pages in Rock n Roll Mum's toilet where she had confiscated it in case they ran out of toilet tissue I presume! It was awful, if I am not grabbed in those first few pages it is VERY rare I ever try again.
I also know there is far better written erotic fiction FREE on the net so you really didn't have to buy into the hype.
This book delves into the world of camming and the role it plays in today's society for good or bad, and it really makes you think.
If you are shocked by explicit content this book may not be for you but it is necessary to the story, well written and in context - so you can get over that to enjoy the story as a whole!

I loved it, and was thrilled to see the ad in the back for the next book due out July this year.

A R Torre is brilliant!