Monday, 2 February 2015

Lexi's Wish #ChasingTheSun

Today I learnt about a little girl that lives a few miles from me in the village of Wool, Dorset.

Her picture shows a happy, beautiful, fun loving little girl of just 7 years old - a sure delight for her parents and siblings.

Lexi has an inoperable brain tumour.

Lexi is going to pass away.

HOW as a parent or a even just a human can you cope with that news? How would YOU deal with it?
My sister passed away following a brain tumour op in 1999 she was 38 and it was    is very hard. She had a partial life though having her own family and wonderful career as a Delphis paintress for Poole Pottery.
Lexi is 7 though just 7.... I have shoes older than her.

I cannot begin to imagine what her parents have been going through for these last 8 days, since they found out.


I am going to organise a competition and hopefully raise some money to put towards Lexi's wishes so her and her family can enjoy what time is left and enjoy their precious little girl without financial worry at the very least....

If you have anything you would like to donate please get in touch I am looking for anything that can be used for a raffle prize.

If you want to tweet about this please use #ChasingTheSun

If you would like to blog about this please get in touch x

You can donate here

More details to follow.