Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Youth Club-bing Together

Last year it was discussed that my village in rural Dorset; needed a Youth Club, just somewhere for the young 'uns to hang out and have a place they can sit that is warm and indoors and not with their parents!

Youth Club

We were lucky when I grew up here - we had a designated building, The old W.I. hut became our club and we loved it and looked after it as it was ours.
Our Summer holidays we spent painting it, drawing murals, cutting the grass it was great fun and times I will always cherish.
The hut was knocked down in the 90's and replaced by housing, which at the time left us with a Royal British Legion Youth Section - once a week. It wasn't the same as it wasn't our own.

Our youth don't have their own building either and at anytime we could be asked to vacate and that would be it. Awful really that this generation can't leave the village as the buses were cut and yet don't all have the luxury of taxiing parents (or the finances) to get out and about.

We don't have cinema, swimming pool or skate park. We have 1 shop, 2 pubs, 1 sports club and a garage...

I am not at all saying they are not catered for we have an AMAZING community that has Scouts, cubs and beavers, a performers group, various sports clubs, music and loads more but there is always that need when you are growing up to have that one place that you know you can go to.
Not all kids like clubs, my son was a performer until he was almost 9, he decided then he didn't want to do it any more and he also didn't want to do Scouts.
You can't force them!

He does however LOVE Youth Club and I am thrilled he does. They have a great laugh - play ping pong, talk rubbish (very important rubbish though) and listen to music, he just loves it!

This year I am running a Christmas Party for them. We are self funding and so don't get grants etc. so this is a begging post!
I need donations - anything from a £1 to a voucher, a supermarket voucher to a set of make up....ANYTHING at all that we can use to make it a great night for them and make them feel really well....appreciated and not just that gang that hangs around with nothing better to do!

If you feel as though you could donate anything please get in touch via any of my platforms.

Thank you for reading