Sunday, 16 November 2014

Singing in The Rain - Rachel Anne Stroud

Not very often to do I cry in Poole High Street but I did today! Not out of sadness or misery just because I was moved to tears....

I have a lot of musician friends all of whom at some point busked in local shopping centres and it is really hard work.
The general public are not very forgiving and so when you see people actually stop or vie over to watch; you know somebody is good and that is exactly what happened today.

Rachel Anne Stroud is just 15 years old and stunned a whole shopping centre today with her amazing talent.

I am sick to death of hearing 'It's what I have always dreamed of' or 'It is my life' or 'I want this so bad' coming from the mouths of singers that don't DO ANYTHING about it, and just expect it dropped in their laps with a contract from Mr Cowell.

Busking and gigging were always the way singers and bands were discovered and they are far better for it too!

The sound is obviously just from my phone so doesn't do her justice!

Please share and use the hashtag #RachelStroud and let's get her noticed!

Enjoy..... Rachel's cover of London Grammar - Strong: