Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Jumping on the Lumia Band Wagon

I am an iPhone owner.

I own an iPhone.

It is a 4s

That is all I have to say about that!

Note that I don't say - I love my iPhone, My iPhone is amazing .... because well it isn't.

I have had to get the screen fixed (son's fault) Camera replaced (not son's fault) and now I have no sound so cannot make calls/answer or listen to anything.

It is also very small and to be honest I don't like small tech. It makes it feel less worthy of care, I'm a big chunky fan - camera, phone, laptop I like it to feel how much it has cost.
Perhaps it is my age? I do still love CD's and Vinyl.

Microsoft offered to let me trial the new Lumia 930 and I am so glad I did.

You may have noticed that all the advertising lacks the Nokia name but this phone still bears the logo. Microsoft have just released details of the new phone which will be just the 'Microsoft Lumia' so Nokia as a phone brand is no more.

I sold phones in the early 90's BEFORE text messaging even existed YES KIDS NO TEXTING! It was a strange industry in those days, utilised mainly by business men and dodgy geezers!
Thankfully it has moved on from that at such a pace that it is an industry to behold.

I am digressing!

Lumia 930.

First thing I noticed was the size and weight - I love it! The phone feels like a good quality item that deserves a case and shouldn't be thrown in your bag! 9.8mm thick and boasting a screen that is a lovely 5 inch display!
It completely swamps my iPhone in size and weight.

I find it so much easier navigating the Windows 8.1 OS and tiles are so easy to set up and play with, giving a personal homepage that is worthy of a laptop!

It doesn't come pre-loaded with lots of games either which I like as you can nip to the store and pick your favourites with no problems whatsoever, with more and more apps being added all the time.


20 mp YES TWENTY Pure View main rear camera with a dual LED flash I couldn't believe this, putting a lot of cameras on the market to shame. It has options that you would get with a DSLR and features not amiss on a top range system!
I love it and would use it everyday without fail.

Comparison pics to follow...


Yes it seems the Microsoft/Windows collaboration has almost gone and got Android accessibility! Lumia specific apps that are included work really well and the Beamer utility is awesome - I played with this a great deal and it is really fun.
It wouldn't be ideal for streaming content of gaming or such but one day....

Nokia HERE Drive, HERE Maps and the free Nokia Mix Radio where you can listen to created radio playlists, take them offline and get suggested radio stations!

Nokia HERE Drive allows you download maps for use offline great when abroad or in low signal areas.

The files app is awesome and allows you to store docs, pics, pages etc into easily accessible folders both on the phone & memory card.
Storyteller app allows photos to be organised, filed and tagged into a wonderful format that makes it quick to access and show off!


There’s a 32GB internal memory which unfortunately you cannot upgrade but hopefully this will be a feature for the future. 
You can open the nano sim holder with a nail or a hairgrip which is awesome as that silly pin needed for the iPhone is a right pain!

You can read text almost everywhere, even in direct sunlight, thanks to the Clear Black AMOLED high resolution display, which is very sharp.

Available in black, White, Green and Orange with a slightly velvet-rubbery feel so it gives a strong grip and avoids being thrown around!

Detailed Spec: 
  • Main camera: 20.0MP
  • Display size: 5''
  • Display resolution: Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • Processor name: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 800
  • Maximum talk time (3G): 17.9h
  • Maximum standby time: 16days
  • Battery capacity: 2420mAh
  • Size & Weight:
  • Height: 137 mm
  • Width: 71 mm
  • Thickness2: 9.8 mm
  • Weight: 167 g
  •  Operating System: Software Release: Phone 8.1 with Lumia Cyan 

  •     Processor: 
  • CPU name: Snapdragon™ 800 
  • Number of cores: Quad core
  • Clock rate: 2200 MHz
Overall I just find it 'friendlier' than my iPhone. My love affair with Apple is over, just the whole unsharing uncaring attitude has been enough really and as I write a lot and need to be able to share with my different tech - I'm now finding an Apple a day is not enough!

Lumia all the way.

Written from my hospital bed so pics will follow when I'm home!