Friday, 26 September 2014

You Can TalkTalk!

I am an Internet addict, whether it be browsing for research, comping, chatting to friends or blogging - as a single mum I rely on the net for the most part my social life.

I used BT for years as the service was reliable BUT and it's a big BUT - it is just ridiculously expensive. My contract finished this year so when the opportunity came to apply to be an Ambassador for TalkTalk I applied and was thrilled to be accepted.

I wasn't with my doubts though I will admit as I remember hearing about problems with the service provided.

So June 4th my Internet was due to be switched from BT over to TalkTalk. All my documentation and hardware arrived in plenty of time for the switchover.
The day arrived and the transition was faultless!
My Internet was on and working with no down time or problems and that is how it has stayed.

Signal inside my home is actually better than with BT although it does go down when I'm outside but that is not a huge problem.
You can overcome signal weakness with a device that plugs in a normal wall socket and amplifies the signal - cost around £30 you can view the Netgear product here.

I wanted to give the service a really good try over 3 months before I wrote this first post and I am honestly overjoyed. The service matches BTs and the cost certainly does NOT!
I have always been astounded with how much that company can get away with charging and provide terrible customer service to boot! It never seems to expensive until the bill arrives with line rental, VAT and lots of other extras added!

TalkTalk have overcome any of the problems they were experiencing, the service is A1 and the customer service - fast, polite and easy to contact.

Cost comparison



I am shortly adding the TV service so come back next month to see how I have got on with the You View box!

Happy TalkTalking!

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