Sunday, 24 August 2014

Constructive Criticism!

I recently had to attend an interview, my first for many years and I thought it went incredibly well. I answered everything they asked and presented myself well. I was fully, if not over qualified for the positions available.

I waited 9 days (they sent the letter 2nd class) I was unsuccessful for both positions.

I was really disheartened as would have been perfect BUT obviously not meant to be so onward and upward.

I did ask for feedback though which I am still waiting for.

That got me to thinking about other recent events in my life.

Wouldn't it be helpful if we got feedback for different aspects of our lives!

Dating would be so much easier....

Do I talk

a) Too much.

b) Not enough

c) SO much drivel I wanted to get out my handgun and put myself out of the misery

That type of thing.....

Would be so much more helpful than the usual - It's not you it's me......

I would also like it for teenage communication

How often would you like me to interact with you?

a) Only when offering food

b) Only when offering money

c) Never! You are an idiot and the parent from hell! I wish you weren't my Mother! I was SO adopted!

Forms are currently being printed....

What would you like feedback on?