Friday, 9 May 2014

Blogging from the Red Carpet... #BIBs Awards 2014

I love the blogging community - I love how it bands together in times of happiness and sadness, joy and sorrow and when you least expect it, a barrage of support wades in and brings a light to your very darkest hour.

When I was suffering from grief and facing homelessness last year I was frantic and I blogged my distress. Then an amazing thing happened - I had masses and I mean huge amounts of supportive messages and tweets; it was quite simply ....amazing.

I found help and inspiration from people that I did not know, had never met and yet with 140 characters took the time just to say

"I've been there"

"Don't give up"

and those words kept me going.

Thank you bloggers you are all stars!

So this time of year when all the glad rags are bought, celebs are wafting up the red carpets in their Chanel and their Prada - on a smaller scale but to be honest I think far, far more importantly are the BiBs - The Britmums Brilliance in Blogging awards. The one time a year when those bloggers that have captivated, inspired, motivated and moved us; are celebrated!

Shock Horror

I have been shortlisted for the Video category! I can't believe it - I do love making my silly videos but as with my writing - never really believing anyone reads/watches. So colour me gobsmacked!


I am I suppose now asking for you to vote for me, if you genuinely like my blog and giggle at me making a prat of myself on camera then please feel free to cast your ballot paper in my direction!

There are of course outstanding bloggers that are in each category and these awards also highlight some awesome gems that might have slipped past you. So check out the shortlist HERE and then cast your vote (you can only fill it in once so make sure you know before hand who you are voting for as there is no going back!)


I have so many favourite blogs in among that great lot that is was near impossible but I am happy with who I voted for.

I wish every single one of you the very best of luck and will be cheering you all at BritMums Live 2014!