Friday, 2 May 2014

888Ladies Favourite Game....

Whilst hanging around 888Ladies playing Millionaire Genie I actually played a few games of online bingo for the first time.

I LOVE bingo - I would go every night if I could but I don't get the chance very often.

usually it is in my village hall for Christmas and you can win a box of crackers and a box of After Eights! Nothing like the Jackpots that are available in the clubs or online...

Over at 888Ladies there are a selection of 'rooms' to choose from but after trying a few I found my favourite to be Nutty Ninety - the players were really friendly and I had quite a laugh on the chat whilst playing! The jackpots vary from a few pounds to thousands, which I haven't won .... yet!

I don't know if I would play on a really regular basis but for fun now and again I would definitely use the site.

This is my entry for the 888Ladies Bingo Competition