Friday, 9 May 2014

Blogging from the Red Carpet... #BIBs Awards 2014

I love the blogging community - I love how it bands together in times of happiness and sadness, joy and sorrow and when you least expect it, a barrage of support wades in and brings a light to your very darkest hour.

When I was suffering from grief and facing homelessness last year I was frantic and I blogged my distress. Then an amazing thing happened - I had masses and I mean huge amounts of supportive messages and tweets; it was quite simply ....amazing.

I found help and inspiration from people that I did not know, had never met and yet with 140 characters took the time just to say

"I've been there"

"Don't give up"

and those words kept me going.

Thank you bloggers you are all stars!

So this time of year when all the glad rags are bought, celebs are wafting up the red carpets in their Chanel and their Prada - on a smaller scale but to be honest I think far, far more importantly are the BiBs - The Britmums Brilliance in Blogging awards. The one time a year when those bloggers that have captivated, inspired, motivated and moved us; are celebrated!

Shock Horror

I have been shortlisted for the Video category! I can't believe it - I do love making my silly videos but as with my writing - never really believing anyone reads/watches. So colour me gobsmacked!


I am I suppose now asking for you to vote for me, if you genuinely like my blog and giggle at me making a prat of myself on camera then please feel free to cast your ballot paper in my direction!

There are of course outstanding bloggers that are in each category and these awards also highlight some awesome gems that might have slipped past you. So check out the shortlist HERE and then cast your vote (you can only fill it in once so make sure you know before hand who you are voting for as there is no going back!)


I have so many favourite blogs in among that great lot that is was near impossible but I am happy with who I voted for.

I wish every single one of you the very best of luck and will be cheering you all at BritMums Live 2014!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Sore #Winner Competition Troll!

Tonight I got abused on Twitter... nothing new there, but I was called a #SoreLoser - I actually can't believe how cross I was initially and it made me question myself.

I'm not, if I were I would be moaning about every competition I don't win which would be all of them at the moment!
I love to see my friends win, be they compers or bloggers - but it is lovely to see people win something they really need or really want. I don't mind losing at all! Obviously I would love to win every competition I enter but that would be ridiculous, impossible and also it would make the wins seem ....well.... boring!

I love creative comps, I'm not very good but I try and I put in masses of effort for them. In fact I am a PR / SEO dream as I do everything possible for a great comp, push the brief to the max and certainly plug it to death on social media channels.

THERE, right there is where my issue was today. I entered a comp on my blog last week (now removed) - it wasn't a very good entry, I spent half an hour writing and doing the pics but I was happy with it! Then I went on to Twitter and looked at other entries and there were some AMAZING ones, posts that really followed the brief and came up with some great needs and wants for their homes. I knew I wasn't going to win but I thought a few of my friends stood a great chance.

The whole point of great Public Relations/ Social Media organised promotions/competitions are just that are they not? Are they not to gain great promotion for the company running the promo? The winner (if judged) surely should a) have followed the T&Cs b) Given great promotion to the company through channels c) Have a following that will continue to read and promote the company d) Increase visibility online and create potential customers/sales?

Have I made a mistake there?

So when a winner is picked that doesn't really come through with b,c and d it is a bit strange... well I think so!
Why would you pick a winner that writes a blog just for comps, no bio, no pic and no social media presence?

I was confused, so I voiced my opinion after talking to other entrants and Tweeted that is was a #PRFail.

For me that was the end of it, I had vented and then decided not to give said company anymore promo through my blog or Twitter.

This evening I got abuse for voicing my opinion. I was cross & did bite back twice but then blocked and ignored.
Something made me think it was strange, normally if you get into a row or get slated online that person is already following you or you have a shared interest. This troll was not following me until today and is not a comper so rather odd to get involved.
The thing that gave it away was she was only came after me and not the other Tweeter that voiced a concern, funny as I had entered and he had not...
Made me think she had info so I dug and it took me 30 seconds to have screen shot proof that she is a best friend & housemate of the girl who runs the Social Media for that company.

How VERY unprofessional.

Tomorrow I am ringing the manager and telling him the whole sorry story as I am standing up to bullies and will not be stopped from asking questions about how competitions are run etc!

This is the second incident I know of in the last month of companies staff abusing people via their own or friends accounts.

 It needs to stop!

Monday, 5 May 2014

A Little Bit of Magic - Competition with Gardens2You

I love magic, fairies, sprites even leprechauns and like nothing more than building them somewhere lovely to live and explore...

My garden is beginning to look like a garden and not a junk yard/jungle - it is big - as I have a corner house so it covers 3 sides of my home and has a 43 meter hedged boundary! (Any fencing companies reading this that would like to use my home as a Guinea pig for fencing please get in touch!)

One thing about having a house on a corner is that you lose privacy. I don't have any area that is not looked over so the little area I have out the back is this year going to become my magic hideaway (that is the plan) ... somewhere I can relax and unwind and not feel like I'm being observed (except of course by Pixies)!

Gardens2You work from Ebay and have sent me a beautiful full set of resin garden mushrooms to brighten the darkest of corners and add a little magic into your garden!

They are really pretty and just look fit for any fairy garden party!

They range in size from 
Round Head: 9cm tall, 7cm wide 
Short Round Head: 8cm tall, 8cm wide
Thin Pointed Head: 12cm tall, 3.5cm wide        
Short Pointed Head: 8cm tall, 4.5cm wide

A full set retails at £44.99 with FREE delivery! You can also purchase them individually HERE

So one of you lucky readers can win a full set by entering via the Rafflecopter below.

Now I say this EVERY time I do a comp - PLEASE LEAVE THE MANDOTORY BLOG COMMENT for all other entries to be valid. 

Just Fill in the Rafflecopter and Good Luck!

Terms and Conditions
  • open to over 18's only
  • open to UK residents only
  • The mandatory blog comment entry & MUST be completed for others entries to be valid.
  • The prize consists of a full set of Mushrooms as pictured, No alternatives are available.
  • The winner will be contacted by me shortly after the draw closes to obtain details so that I may arrange delivery of their prize.
  • The winner must respond within 7 days or a new winner will be drawn.
  • The draw closes at 11.59 on the 25/05/2014

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Win competitions at

Friday, 2 May 2014

888Ladies Favourite Game....

Whilst hanging around 888Ladies playing Millionaire Genie I actually played a few games of online bingo for the first time.

I LOVE bingo - I would go every night if I could but I don't get the chance very often.

usually it is in my village hall for Christmas and you can win a box of crackers and a box of After Eights! Nothing like the Jackpots that are available in the clubs or online...

Over at 888Ladies there are a selection of 'rooms' to choose from but after trying a few I found my favourite to be Nutty Ninety - the players were really friendly and I had quite a laugh on the chat whilst playing! The jackpots vary from a few pounds to thousands, which I haven't won .... yet!

I don't know if I would play on a really regular basis but for fun now and again I would definitely use the site.

This is my entry for the 888Ladies Bingo Competition