Friday, 25 April 2014

Slots of Fun? Millionaire Genie - Review -

I have never gambled online except for a few games of bingo a couple of years ago. So when an opportunity came up to try the new game 'Millionaire Genie' on I was accepted and gave it a try.

Now I don't claim to be a hustler or have the foggiest when it comes to online gaming so it is all a bit baffling for me to be honest.
I had a £5 prepaid balance to play with and I clicked the link.

Now the first thing for me to understand was how much each 'spin' cost me and the bet is 15p you can use the auto spin feature which enables you to go off and perhaps play bingo or another slot game whilst the computer spins for you. I didn't use this feature as I wanted to watch it play.

Each spin gives you three rows of different symbols which roll just like a fruit machine every time you have a go. If you are lucky enough to have a winning line it lights up in gold and shows you which line or 'row' you had won with. That is where I was completely lost. I looked at the 'pay table' which explains which symbols you need in order to win but after playing for some time I was still completely unaware of how you actually win on the 'win lines' - maybe a beginners guide is needed?

There is a huge amount of money to be won with this game and it is a random pick so you could find yourself winning millions. My biggest wins came with the scatter feature - 3 of the genie appearing which then opens up the Genie using his abacus to decide how many free spins you get.

This is then an accumulative win streak. The most I won with this was £4.57 but I did get the feature a total of 4 times so it all added up. In fact it took me ages to spend the £5!

then I got the scatter feature for the 4th time and the game froze! I was completely panicked so I went to the home screen and found help which gives you multiple options of how to contact 888Ladies and included 24/7 live chat which is brilliant!
I clicked on the button and had to wait 16 seconds for help. I was dubious about the advice given but it worked after a reboot the game came back exactly where I left it so no loss of winnings!

my final win streak came in at £1.65

I only got the bonus feature once in all the play and won around £1 so no huge jackpot for me.

If I understood it better I think I would have enjoyed it more but as it goes I probably wouldn't go back as I just don't 'get it' - if you are a fan of slots online and you know what you are doing I imagine this is huge fun. I miss holds though like on a real fruit machine. If I could have held the symbols I would have absolutely loved it!

Overall it is a well produced game with great graphics and ways to win but for me I need a dummies guide to slots online!

You can currently vote for your favourite games whether it be bingo, Millionaire Genie or any that you just can't get enough of! Just nip on over to this URL and vote! Voting closes on May 2nd!

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This is a sponsored post and I was given a balance of £5 to play with. This is my honest opinion and payment did not influence this post.