Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Wherever You Are.....

I've been thinking about you,
about your smell and your laugh.
I can't quite focus on the sound
as if it is just out of bounds,
out of reach.
Like that movement you sometimes don't
see in the corner of your eye..

I want to chat,
just about crap,
about stupid people in the shops
and carrier bags that split when you
get them out of the car.
About the rain and the bloody hedge already
driving me mad.

I want to shout at you for leaving,
for going when I wasn't there.
To come to look at just an empty chair.
To make you dinner which you didn't eat,
and didn't remember that you liked that last week and then inform me
you had never eaten it before.

Wherever you are I hope you can see
I'm trying. Really hard to get through each day.
Every 24 hours are hard, I remind myself to get up, eat, move, talk
to at least one person a day; if I can.

I feel I have nothing to say,
 except one thing
Wherever you are
Wherever you stay
Don't think I don't remember
and Happy Mother's Day......