Monday, 17 March 2014

Teen Angst

I am in what seems to be eternal hell at the moment. I am still or really just feeling able to grieve over the loss of my Mum and with Mother's Day fast approaching I am trying not to dwell too much.

I obviously, being a mother myself cannot avoid it; but this year I would really like to sleep through the day...
...not because of my Mum but because of the Antichrist I am currently sharing my home with.

12 year old son, love of my life, light at the end of my tunnel, all things good about my life and currently pubescent devil of the darkest depths!

I cannot even look at him without being screamed at, can't make a comment without a door slamming,  cannot ask for a chore or a simple " Can you please...?" without the tantrum throwing, tell him off / explain anything /speak or even....breathe without obnoxious name calling.

It is tiring, I am tired...very very tired.

I want the last 12 months to start being just THAT the LAST 12 months - having my home was to be a fresh start but instead I'm now sharing it with Kevin, or more rightly known as Lucifer......

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