Monday, 31 March 2014

Country Craft Project - with Hillarys Blinds

I now have a home, after being put through hell over the last few months, I can now settle down and start to build a future for Evan and get on with doing up this house at last!

 I couldn't decorate whilst Mum was here as any fumes would affect her breathing so the opportunities to paint were few and far between.

When I saw that Hillarys Blinds were running a craft competition I signed up and it has really stirred up some passion in me to get on with doing up each room and really trying to solve what issues each room has. The biggest issue every room has is


Well lack of it! The bathroom is not the biggest room and so I have units but it makes it really cramped so as I have an OCD for products I really need some where to store them that does not impact on my usable space.

For the competition we had to choose one of four options of fabric to have delivered. I opted for the beautiful Peacock design "Bird Parade" in Teal.

I really love turquoise and Peacocks are such majestic creatures it was by far my favourite, although any of the patterns would be lovely in a craft project.

So I walked around town looking for inspiration and trying to work out how I could turn this fabric into a usable item that would make like easier and it dawned on me to make a hanging product tidy.

So you will need:

of your chosen fabric
A piece of Dowelling / coat hanger / curtain rod
any decals you have that you like!

This really is such a simple item to make but I hope you will agree is really effective!

I had an old tea towel rail rod which I decided to use as the supporting bar this measures 18", so I cut the fabric to leave half an inch of the rod showing either side.

Measure your fabric

Depending on how many rows of pockets you require, I made mine with three rows.

Hem the sides and bottom of your back panel.

Cut 3 strips of fabric wider than your main fabric backing.

Take an average size bottle and measure it so you know it will fit.

Take each strip and attach the sides, then sew the widths to form the pockets and finally gather and sew the bottom.
Do this with all the strips.

Fold over the top to hem but before sewing make 2 small slits along the fold and sew on the lengths of ribbon. Leave a loop inside to hold the rod (if you use a coat hanger you can omit this part) Sew along the the top and thread the rod through.

I had some peacock coloured beads which I glued to the ends of the rod to make them pretty - second hand/charity shops are great places for old necklaces/bracelets you can use the beads from!

And voila!

I had to improvise to show how I tied the ribbons as I haven't put the hooks up in my bathroom yet but you get the idea. I love it, you can whip out the rod and wash it too so it's brilliant for holding products!

I made the pockets all shapes and depths to hold different products and I'm thrilled with it!

I am now setting myself a project to do up each room, but I can't buy anything new - it must all be either recycled, charity shop or car boot sale bought, I'll keep you informed of what I do!