Monday, 24 February 2014

Lighter Life Fast - Week 3

I have just completed my 3rd weigh in so really I am just going in to my third week but so far it has been really good and I am enjoying it so much!

I lost 4.5 pounds in the first week and 2.5 this week (half term and I was slack) but half a stone so far so I'm thrilled!

I have added what I have eaten from the LighterLife Fast range to the main post so you can read it HERE

Thankfully this week I asked my good friend Gerty Schnim to come and guest Vlog and explain the science bit in more detail so please watch at your leisure and enjoy!
Underneath are some useful links and some before and after 3 week pics! I'm sure I can see some difference!

LighterLife Fast
LighterLife Magazine
LighterLife Group (FREE Consultation)

LighterLife FAST Exclusively at Superdrug

So after my previous shocking photographic evidence that I in fact ate Cadburys and they were not taken over by Kraft at all, I am half a stone down and feeling a lot less wobbly which is amazing!

I am feeling very motivated by the great start and as Lighterlife Fast & Intermittent fasting is not really a diet but a eating lifestyle.
Scientific research (which is ongoing) shows improvement in various ways to your system not just weight loss but also in cholesterol, bloods and heart health!

The 5:2 Phenomena.

This is really quite amazing and makes very good sense. The basic principle is that you eat normally for 5 days and fast for two. Now this is not a starvation diet - you do eat but it very controlled for the 2 days at 500 - 600 calories.
The science behind this actually shows that you do not try and over compensate on your 'off' days but in fact the human body will tend to eat less!

I couldn't possibly write about everything here but you can watch the programme that started it all on Horizon at the link below. It is extremely interesting and well worth an hour of your time!

Eat, Fast and Live Longer - Horizon