Monday, 10 February 2014

In Floods of Tears

I've been sitting and waiting.


Over Christmas I couldn't watch one single programme without seeing a cry for help from a charity. I found it depressing, not the ads (well actually some of them) but of the amount that all need funding so desperately.

Evan made comments too, he kept saying he didn't want to see them. I said we have to or how else do we know what is happening but we both agreed that the advertising campaigns themselves were just too depressing. I would like to see video of those that it has helped, how they have involved themselves and that is not turning my back that is just wanting to see proactive accomplishment.

I fund raise I know what it is like and I know how hard it is.

That is why I am so angry and quite simply puzzled as to lack of interaction on TV and the press in regard to a donation line. I moaned about it today on my Facebook and then thought why am I moaning? That wasn't going to do anything so I googled Somerset County Council and spoke to a really nice guy there called Greg. I explained I wanted to do something even if only to get the word out and he was fab.
They have an emergency flood appeal already SO WHY DO WE NOT KNOW THIS?

DONATE HERE or text NOAH95 to send £10 to 70070

Why is there no flood appeal on TV.

It is not just Somerset but Cornwall, Devon, Berks, Hants, Surrey etc etc

This is not ending with more and more rain forecast it is going to get worse before anyone can even start to rebuild their lives, homes and businesses.

It is shocking that there is no main single Flood appeal being organised!

Come on Red Cross Come on Oxfam Come on DEC!!

Do Something!

Please bloggers out there if this has stirred anything write a post DEMAND SOME ACTION AND HELP THOSE IN NEED IN OUR BACK YARD.

You might not be aware of how left and alone they are - but they are! They have lost everything and there is no QUICK FIX! No insurance companies are going to pay out quick enough to replace clothes, food, transport anything.... now with the welfare reforms there are no Crisis loans/budgeting/ community loans for emergencies. 

We need to act and we need to act now.

Please share this post where you can.