Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Playground Antics

There are a couple of issues (actually LOADS) but tonight just a couple; that are driving me mad.

I am at a real boiling point with politics and all of our major parties.

I am tired of listening to the real immature behaviour and drivel that spills so freely from their well spoken, privately educated mouths.
I am at a loss to the way they think we live or how we are supposedly able to do so under the 'reforms'.

I am sick of the manipulated numbers game and employment figures only ever being released when there has been a seasonal intake - yes we do realise you do that! Christmas and summer there will always be more employment - Nature of the beast. Unfortunately most are never kept on but we don't get post Xmas figures do we?

I am sick of hearing 'Well you did that when YOU were in power' .... Yes, but only because 'you did this' blah blah bloody blah!


Just stop. For goodness and our sakes, stop laying blame and take some damn responsibility for the CRISIS you are dealing with NOW.
It is too damn late for what has passed we have had to live and deal with it, now it is your PAID JOB to do something. Oh, hang on this is your first ever job isn't it?

Stop adding complications to an already extremely messed up country. Sort the basics out. Surely you know you can't build anything if the foundations are not in place?
We are all tottering at the top of a very precarious pyramid and with no sound building blocks under us there is only one direction we can go.

Fed up