Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy New Year & Other Mumblings...

Happy New Year to you all!

I am slightly behind as I making an effort to blog EVERYDAY this year, at least once. It will probably be a load of codswallop but I'm having a go!
As I am a little late starting there may be a couple of posts a day for a few days. So...

New Year; This was always going to be a hard one as it was Mum's Birthday New Years Day and I did find it odd.
 For as long as I can remember the first thing I ever did when the clock struck 12 - was to kiss Mum Happy Birthday or in later years phone her if I was out. The last few years I always spent with her obviously, so Olde Lang Syne was always swiftly followed by a chorus of Happy Birthday. Not this year. Very strange.

 This whole Christmas period has for me been very introspective, I gave Ev the best Christmas I could muster from within. It was OK, he had a good time but to be honest it was a complete stressful, worrying nightmare for me but it gave me perspective.
My life is completely and utterly different. Nothing is a certainty, I am in limbo and it is somewhere I have never been and do not intend to stay very long!
This reflective period? Well I have realised and said to BFF recently

                          "...Because I now don't really have anything, I can have everything...."

 and I truly believe that. I have to take all the crappiness of 2013 and roll it up like blotting paper and flick it on the ceiling! It can stay there and rot as it sure as hell is not coming back to get me again.

 I am motivated, interested and above all ANGRY but in a positive way. I am going to make a change. I have been sat around moaning for too long and not doing anything about the things that are pissing me well and truly off, so I intend to do something about it... all very exciting!

I shall be asking lots of questions and really need you all to leave comments giving me your opinions so please reply!

I wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and Proactive 2014


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