Monday, 27 January 2014

Baring My Bulges *Parental Supervision Advised!

I have been plagued with health, financial and housing worries for the last 3 months and if you read my last post you can see I get really down.

There is nothing I can do except get myself out of the funk.

I am.

I have stopped smoking (more on that later).

I have finally found out what is wrong with me and it turns out it was anaemia NOT the awful things my Doctor INFORMED me I had. I am taking supplements and feel instantly better.

I am starting my healthy eating diet.

I am going to to exercise.

Unfortunately this all might still be from my dwelling in a box on a street corner near you soon, but the housing I can do little about (more on that later too).

So ..... To shock myself into getting my butt off the sofa I am putting my 'BEFORE' shots up on here like a huge fridge display!
You have been warned - your eyes may not recover and you may suffer post traumatic stress disorder after viewing!
I intend to lose 2 and a half stone.

I approached Lighter Life last year after Pauline Quirk lost all her weight with the programme but at the time they were not working with bloggers, so I was delighted to be contacted at the end of December by them to see if I would like to try the Lighter Life Fast 5:2 plan and I jumped at the chance!

Tomorrow is my start day and so I am going out for lunch today with no worries and get myself prepared for the fabulous eating plan to start!

The scary shots now follow....Please avert your eyes if you are of a nervous disposition!**


Yes I do feel gross and I know we should love ourselves for who we are (groan) but I don't - not like this.
I don't like my arms, I don't like the fact then when I wave somebody Goodbye my underarm is still waving ten minutes after they have left!

I also feel like I am being followed and from the back shot you can actually see a face, so I wasn't imagining it!

Tomorrow I shall be measuring all my bits and weighing so I have points of reference to see how much I lose in week one!
Optimistic eh? Yay me!

Seeing the Light!