Saturday, 4 January 2014

A Question to the Energy Giants #Q12014

OK Energy Giants.... I want you to answer a question and I would really love for anyone with any knowledge to answer it.

If you work for the energy watchdog Ofgem then all the better. I am not holding my breath.

If I pay for anything in advance I would like to think I wouldn't be punished. I used to go to festivals and buy a ticket months before. I wasn't constantly charged for buying that ticket before the event.
Nobody with a PAYG mobile gets a few quid 'removed' for the privilege!
When I buy my car tax, 6 or 12 months in advance - I don't expect to be stopped by the Police and charged extra for buying it 'upfront'.


WHY am I charged for buying my Gas and Electric in advance? Yes I pay on a card and key. I do not have bills. I am NEVER late or behind with my payments. I do not incur costs from debt collectors or credit departments due to LATE payments, no - I pay you upfront. You have my cash before I have even turned a switch or fired up the radiators!
I put £10 on my card for gas yesterday and how much gas do I have? £3.31! £5 was for the emergency which admittedly I used but the other? This flashes up on the screen as 'debt' it's not; it's a charge for my ability to pay upfront.
I pay a little debt ranging from around 70p to £5+ every time I put in my card.
It is disgraceful and I think about time Ofgem stopped this. I do not have a job. I am looking for work so until I find said employment I do not want bills that I may not be able to pay. I do not want to be cut off and prevent my son from having heating or hot water. So I pay as I go and I am never a bad customer!

So Ofgem - What can you do about this? I would really like to know and if you can't do anything why not?
And if you won't then I will.


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