Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Playground Antics

There are a couple of issues (actually LOADS) but tonight just a couple; that are driving me mad.

I am at a real boiling point with politics and all of our major parties.

I am tired of listening to the real immature behaviour and drivel that spills so freely from their well spoken, privately educated mouths.
I am at a loss to the way they think we live or how we are supposedly able to do so under the 'reforms'.

I am sick of the manipulated numbers game and employment figures only ever being released when there has been a seasonal intake - yes we do realise you do that! Christmas and summer there will always be more employment - Nature of the beast. Unfortunately most are never kept on but we don't get post Xmas figures do we?

I am sick of hearing 'Well you did that when YOU were in power' .... Yes, but only because 'you did this' blah blah bloody blah!


Just stop. For goodness and our sakes, stop laying blame and take some damn responsibility for the CRISIS you are dealing with NOW.
It is too damn late for what has passed we have had to live and deal with it, now it is your PAID JOB to do something. Oh, hang on this is your first ever job isn't it?

Stop adding complications to an already extremely messed up country. Sort the basics out. Surely you know you can't build anything if the foundations are not in place?
We are all tottering at the top of a very precarious pyramid and with no sound building blocks under us there is only one direction we can go.

Fed up

Monday, 27 January 2014

Baring My Bulges *Parental Supervision Advised!

I have been plagued with health, financial and housing worries for the last 3 months and if you read my last post you can see I get really down.

There is nothing I can do except get myself out of the funk.

I am.

I have stopped smoking (more on that later).

I have finally found out what is wrong with me and it turns out it was anaemia NOT the awful things my Doctor INFORMED me I had. I am taking supplements and feel instantly better.

I am starting my healthy eating diet.

I am going to to exercise.

Unfortunately this all might still be from my dwelling in a box on a street corner near you soon, but the housing I can do little about (more on that later too).

So ..... To shock myself into getting my butt off the sofa I am putting my 'BEFORE' shots up on here like a huge fridge display!
You have been warned - your eyes may not recover and you may suffer post traumatic stress disorder after viewing!
I intend to lose 2 and a half stone.

I approached Lighter Life last year after Pauline Quirk lost all her weight with the programme but at the time they were not working with bloggers, so I was delighted to be contacted at the end of December by them to see if I would like to try the Lighter Life Fast 5:2 plan and I jumped at the chance!

Tomorrow is my start day and so I am going out for lunch today with no worries and get myself prepared for the fabulous eating plan to start!

The scary shots now follow....Please avert your eyes if you are of a nervous disposition!**


Yes I do feel gross and I know we should love ourselves for who we are (groan) but I don't - not like this.
I don't like my arms, I don't like the fact then when I wave somebody Goodbye my underarm is still waving ten minutes after they have left!

I also feel like I am being followed and from the back shot you can actually see a face, so I wasn't imagining it!

Tomorrow I shall be measuring all my bits and weighing so I have points of reference to see how much I lose in week one!
Optimistic eh? Yay me!

Seeing the Light!

Monday, 20 January 2014

Average Mediocrity

I sat up late last night entering a competition on Pinterest - the aim is to produce a board that represents your resolutions/goals for 2014 and I enjoyed doing it; then I became depressed and miserable and basically it has got me down a treat.

I am not good at anything. I'm OK - ish. I get by.

Amazingly good? Awesome? Talented? No. Not at anything at all.

I think what has made me realise this (at last) is looking for work. Obviously I gave up employment to look after Mum and now she has gone I just do not know what to do. I can't afford to retrain. I can't afford to go back to Uni, so I suppose I have to be realistic and face that it is factory or sales of some sort. neither of which I can imagine doing but needs must.

I need some goals, maybe I should make a list? I like lists especially when I remember to read them!

I don't know when this happened I always seemed to think I did have some sort of quality that I could use in a practical sense, but I must have packed it when I moved.....

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Team Honk Sport Relief Relay - Bournemouth Leg #TeamHonk

I am very honoured this year of being a albeit very small part of Team Honk.

Last year an incredible amount of almost 10,000 pounds were raised by Annie at Mammasaurus, Tanya at MummyBarrow and Penny from Alexander Residence who collectively started Team Honk and went to Ghana as part of Comic Relief.

It literally caused Twitter and Facebook to explode, well not quite but it did raise a huge amount of support via the blogging world and Social Media.

This year I am a part of the very first Team Honk Sport Relief Blogger Relay - an incredible journey from Land's End to John O'groats, 3000 miles and its taking over 200 bloggers to make it happen!

Team Honk 2014 blogger Relay

The route can me made in anyway as long as it fun and keeps the baton going on it's incredible way to the £20,000 target we are hoping to reach!

Team Honk kicked off their challenge on Sunday 12th January at Lands End, and the relay will see 38 teams pass the baton in a variety of fun and creative ways, finishing in John O Groats on Sunday 23rd March. By the end of the race over 200 participants are expected to have taken part and signed special ribbons on the Olympic themed baton."

Tomorrow is the start of the Bournemouth leg and after picking up the baton on Tuesday from Victoria who had brought it through from the Somerset group; Sonya Cisco from The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock'n'Roll Mum will be joined by yours truly and in a funky Rock n Roll way - we shall be delivering it to My Two Mums at Blandford Tesco for 1pm, where it will be scooted in onsies at lightening speed through the town around Badbury Rings and into Wimborne to join Joanne From Charliemoos  Joanne will take over using her bike!

On Thursday,  Joanne and Kara from ChelseaMamma will enter Bournemouth and paint the town RED of course by using  boat, land train and scooter! 

Friday sees the baton heading to Hythe in the outskirts of Southampton to meet with Annie from Mammasaurus ready for the next leg of the relay to start the following day.

Team Honk kicked off their challenge on Sunday 12th January at Lands End, and the relay will see 38 teams pass the baton in a variety of fun and creative ways, finishing in John O Groats on Sunday 23rd March. By the end of the race over 200 participants are expected to have taken part and signed special ribbons on the Olympic themed baton.

Sonya said: “We want the people of Dorset to support us by cheering us on, sponsoring us and helping us to raise as much money as possible for Sport Relief.” I of course completely second everything in that quote!

We will be leaving from the Co-Op car park at 12.30 so if you would like to wave us off and/or chuck money at us we would love to see you!

Join in the goings on at Teamhonk.org

To Donate Text: 

Text HONK to 70005 to donate £5 (plus standard message rate)

Or donate anything you can at our page! 


You can here me bigging up the Honkers on Radio Solent at 7.40am tomorrow morning!

Sport Relief takes place from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd March and for the first time ever the public can run, swim or cycle in the brand new Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Games. For more information on how to join in the fun and games, raise cash and changes lives, go to sportrelief.com.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Dear Mr Osborne

Conservative Party logo
Dear Lynn,
I've just given a speech setting out the long-term economic plan that the Conservatives are working through - and wanted to email you straightaway to explain what that means for you and for Britain.
Our economic plan builds a stronger, more competitive economy and secures a better future for Britain by:
  • Reducing the deficit so we deal with our debts, safeguard our economy for the long term and keep mortgage rates low
  • Cutting income taxes and freezing fuel duty to help hardworking people feel more financially secure
  • Creating more jobs by backing small business and enterprise with better infrastructure and lower jobs taxes
  • Capping welfare and reducing immigration so our economy delivers for people who want to work hard and play by the rules
  • Delivering the best schools and skills for young people so the next generation can succeed in the global race
The plan is working. For the first time in a long while, there's a real sense that Britain is on the rise. But it's far too soon to say job done - it's not even half done.
There are still plenty of risks, and the greatest one here at home is the Labour Party. Labour offer more spending, higher taxes and more borrowing. Their economic approach brought economic ruin once, and would do the same all over again. Why would you give the keys back to the people who crashed the car?
So this year Britain faces a choice: to go on working through the plan that is delivering for Britain, or to squander what we've achieved and go back to economic ruin.
We need everyone in the country to get behind our plan. Please share this important message onFacebook and Twitter, or forward this email to your friends and family and let them know why you're backing our long-term plan.
George Osborne signature
George Osborne

Dear Mr Osborne,

Thank you so much for your email which I never asked for. I am very pleased to read that you are doing so well and your friends are all well and dandy too!

It gives me such a sense of relief to know that everything is on the up. For a moment there I thought that this country was in a really precarious state and the people were feeling let down, alone and desperate. Glad to know I am wrong!

It gives me a really warm feeling inside to know that you are going to continue to cap welfare! Fantastic news. Those people that COULD work but WILL NOT work REALLY need to be taught a lesson. I would actually recommend bringing back the stocks to village and town centres as nothing would teach those lay-a-bouts like a good rotten tomato in the face! Maybe you could actually pay people a decent minimum wage that would make them feel valued or even; heaven forbid stop those zero hour contracts but no, cut the housing benefit further so more landlords will evict those on benefits and leave them homeless. We don't want scroungers with roofs over their heads!

At least you have at last decided to sell off our forestry, I am sick to death of seeing trees. Damn things come down in bad weather & give Foxes/Badgers somewhere to hide; and now with cuts to the Environment agency there will be no bugger to pick the awful branch things off the roads... oh hang on - there's a thought you could use the welfare scroungers on a 0 hour contract!

Here's to a fabulous 2014 to you and your family,
Hope you put that 11% PAY RISE to good use.

Love and Best Wishes

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Saturday, 4 January 2014

A Question to the Energy Giants #Q12014

OK Energy Giants.... I want you to answer a question and I would really love for anyone with any knowledge to answer it.

If you work for the energy watchdog Ofgem then all the better. I am not holding my breath.

If I pay for anything in advance I would like to think I wouldn't be punished. I used to go to festivals and buy a ticket months before. I wasn't constantly charged for buying that ticket before the event.
Nobody with a PAYG mobile gets a few quid 'removed' for the privilege!
When I buy my car tax, 6 or 12 months in advance - I don't expect to be stopped by the Police and charged extra for buying it 'upfront'.


WHY am I charged for buying my Gas and Electric in advance? Yes I pay on a card and key. I do not have bills. I am NEVER late or behind with my payments. I do not incur costs from debt collectors or credit departments due to LATE payments, no - I pay you upfront. You have my cash before I have even turned a switch or fired up the radiators!
I put £10 on my card for gas yesterday and how much gas do I have? £3.31! £5 was for the emergency which admittedly I used but the other? This flashes up on the screen as 'debt' it's not; it's a charge for my ability to pay upfront.
I pay a little debt ranging from around 70p to £5+ every time I put in my card.
It is disgraceful and I think about time Ofgem stopped this. I do not have a job. I am looking for work so until I find said employment I do not want bills that I may not be able to pay. I do not want to be cut off and prevent my son from having heating or hot water. So I pay as I go and I am never a bad customer!

So Ofgem - What can you do about this? I would really like to know and if you can't do anything why not?
And if you won't then I will.


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Happy New Year & Other Mumblings...

Happy New Year to you all!

I am slightly behind as I making an effort to blog EVERYDAY this year, at least once. It will probably be a load of codswallop but I'm having a go!
As I am a little late starting there may be a couple of posts a day for a few days. So...

New Year; This was always going to be a hard one as it was Mum's Birthday New Years Day and I did find it odd.
 For as long as I can remember the first thing I ever did when the clock struck 12 - was to kiss Mum Happy Birthday or in later years phone her if I was out. The last few years I always spent with her obviously, so Olde Lang Syne was always swiftly followed by a chorus of Happy Birthday. Not this year. Very strange.

 This whole Christmas period has for me been very introspective, I gave Ev the best Christmas I could muster from within. It was OK, he had a good time but to be honest it was a complete stressful, worrying nightmare for me but it gave me perspective.
My life is completely and utterly different. Nothing is a certainty, I am in limbo and it is somewhere I have never been and do not intend to stay very long!
This reflective period? Well I have realised and said to BFF recently

                          "...Because I now don't really have anything, I can have everything...."

 and I truly believe that. I have to take all the crappiness of 2013 and roll it up like blotting paper and flick it on the ceiling! It can stay there and rot as it sure as hell is not coming back to get me again.

 I am motivated, interested and above all ANGRY but in a positive way. I am going to make a change. I have been sat around moaning for too long and not doing anything about the things that are pissing me well and truly off, so I intend to do something about it... all very exciting!

I shall be asking lots of questions and really need you all to leave comments giving me your opinions so please reply!

I wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and Proactive 2014


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