Wednesday, 10 December 2014

OXO - Trivet Giveaway - Christmas Comp #2

Those lovely people over at OXO have given me a set of trivets to giveaway to one lucky follower!

The OXO Good Grips 3 Ring Trivet Set is a three-in-one solution for versatility while serving small and large dishes. The three Trivets come apart to be used as separate trivets, or to be placed side-by-side to accommodate large dishes or pans. The three rings snap together for use with single pots and for convenient storage.  The raised, non-slip feet keep hot cookware steady and away from tabletops. The open center allows for easy and convenient hanging storage. The Trivets are heat safe up to 600°F.

This set is red and feels really nice, so not only saving your surfaces but look stylish too!

Just complete the gleam app to enter and good luck!

If you win > email me within 7 days to with your details.
I will contact you via Twitter/FB but if I do not receive your details I will redraw.

You will NOT be entered if you do not do the MANDATORY steps!

UK Only

That's all; not many but important!

OXO Good Grips Trivet Set

Style So Hot It's Criminal!

My son is almost a teenager and he is obsessed with clothes, baseball caps (ooops sorry I mean 'flat caps') and beanies; so much so it is really good fun when I get the chance to shop with him!

 The new collection from Criminal exclusively for House of Fraser is stylish, chic and reasonably priced and has a range to suit the most discerning of men!
 I have had a really good look around the range and have put together an outfit I would love to see Evan in this winter!

House of Fraser have a wonderful competition running to pick your favourite outfit up to the value of £300 and show it off for the chance to win it! How could I refuse?

Criminal are a real youthful and fun brand, casual and yet still emanating smart and sophisticated.

I opted to go with a surfy layered look, Ev & I love the movie Point Break so the Bodhi T was the perfect item to start with!
Co-ordinating perfectly with the Chinos the hoodie and T go really well with the navy tones of the warm and gorgeous Parka!

The accessories finish off the complete outfit which comes in at an amazing £231.50!

I actually think Evan would be thrilled to bits with this outfit and proud to wear it anywhere! I am really impressed by the entire range and the price, as there is something available in each price bracket.
For younger fashion fans Criminal also do a range for children up to age 12.

As it is a surfy relaxed look & it's Christmas the song for this post is HERE

Friday, 5 December 2014

Advent Day 1 - Competition Win a Make up Bag +

**** Something very weird happened to this comp! I went to pick a winner and it had included EVERYONE that has entered a comp since 2012!!*****

I have therefore opened it for another 24 hours - please re-comment

I do apologise - have no idea what is going on with it!
I've switched to Gleam, so let's try again!

At last I feel up to starting my advent competitions. I know I'm late but just due to my health and stuff I am behind with everything as usual!

So for the first day of my advent comps you can win this Sugar & Spice make up set

Comprising of bag, lipstick, mascara, nail varnish, eyeshadow and eyeliner!

Lovely little set!

Just fill in the Gleam app below

Good Luck!

If you win > email me within 7 days to with your details.
I will contact you via Twitter/FB but if I do not receive your details I will redraw.

You will NOT be entered if you do not do the MANDATORY steps!

UK and Republic of Ireland Only.

That's all; not many but important!

Sugar & Spice Make up Bag and Make up set

The Mum MEME

Lovely Miss Cisco over at The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock n Roll Mum has very kindly tagged me in this meme so here goes:
Who was your first crush?
I had a few in the late seventies, Bjorn Borg! Barry Sheen! Starsky & Hutch but really my first massive crush was Jon Bon Jovi - from the first time I saw him live in 1984 I was hooked - 20 live gigs later and I just went off him...!

What were the last three things you bought?
.Other than the obvious food shopping it would be gifts for the youth club party so LED laces, a beanie hat and 12 sets of elf ears!

What are you secretly hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year?
I never have any expectations as I don't really get presents - Evan has always been brilliant at buying for me and as he gets older he is surprising me more and more. It will be nice when I don't have to give him the money!

Where would you go on holiday if you could go anywhere in the world?
I would love to go to the southern states of the USA

What are you reading at the moment?
Nothing at the mo, but the last books I read was The Enemy series by Charlie Higson. They are fantastic and brilliantly written. If you like apocalyptic fiction there you go!

What was the last concert you went to?
Camp Bestival

What were you like at school?
I loved school until I was 12 and then I was bullied and turned into a nervous wreck, it ruined my life until I took a deep breath and went back packing when I was 19.
I was insular and spent most of my school days alone - today I would be EMO

 That's it! So I'm tagging the lovely Lucys' +Lucy Dorrington at the Parent Game  and +Lucy Zelazowski at It's a London Bird Thing ... enjoy ladies!


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Youth Club-bing Together

Last year it was discussed that my village in rural Dorset; needed a Youth Club, just somewhere for the young 'uns to hang out and have a place they can sit that is warm and indoors and not with their parents!

Youth Club

We were lucky when I grew up here - we had a designated building, The old W.I. hut became our club and we loved it and looked after it as it was ours.
Our Summer holidays we spent painting it, drawing murals, cutting the grass it was great fun and times I will always cherish.
The hut was knocked down in the 90's and replaced by housing, which at the time left us with a Royal British Legion Youth Section - once a week. It wasn't the same as it wasn't our own.

Our youth don't have their own building either and at anytime we could be asked to vacate and that would be it. Awful really that this generation can't leave the village as the buses were cut and yet don't all have the luxury of taxiing parents (or the finances) to get out and about.

We don't have cinema, swimming pool or skate park. We have 1 shop, 2 pubs, 1 sports club and a garage...

I am not at all saying they are not catered for we have an AMAZING community that has Scouts, cubs and beavers, a performers group, various sports clubs, music and loads more but there is always that need when you are growing up to have that one place that you know you can go to.
Not all kids like clubs, my son was a performer until he was almost 9, he decided then he didn't want to do it any more and he also didn't want to do Scouts.
You can't force them!

He does however LOVE Youth Club and I am thrilled he does. They have a great laugh - play ping pong, talk rubbish (very important rubbish though) and listen to music, he just loves it!

This year I am running a Christmas Party for them. We are self funding and so don't get grants etc. so this is a begging post!
I need donations - anything from a £1 to a voucher, a supermarket voucher to a set of make up....ANYTHING at all that we can use to make it a great night for them and make them feel really well....appreciated and not just that gang that hangs around with nothing better to do!

If you feel as though you could donate anything please get in touch via any of my platforms.

Thank you for reading

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Advent-agous Competition!

I am hosting a few days of comping goodness so please check back as from the 1st of December when you can win a whole manner of treats in time for the New Year!

I am going to say it so hide your eyes.....

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Singing in The Rain - Rachel Anne Stroud

Not very often to do I cry in Poole High Street but I did today! Not out of sadness or misery just because I was moved to tears....

I have a lot of musician friends all of whom at some point busked in local shopping centres and it is really hard work.
The general public are not very forgiving and so when you see people actually stop or vie over to watch; you know somebody is good and that is exactly what happened today.

Rachel Anne Stroud is just 15 years old and stunned a whole shopping centre today with her amazing talent.

I am sick to death of hearing 'It's what I have always dreamed of' or 'It is my life' or 'I want this so bad' coming from the mouths of singers that don't DO ANYTHING about it, and just expect it dropped in their laps with a contract from Mr Cowell.

Busking and gigging were always the way singers and bands were discovered and they are far better for it too!

The sound is obviously just from my phone so doesn't do her justice!

Please share and use the hashtag #RachelStroud and let's get her noticed!

Enjoy..... Rachel's cover of London Grammar - Strong:

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Project Home & Why I've Been Away From the Blogosphere!

I had moved in to this house 8 years ago with 10 years worth of my own belongings and into a home that my parents had been in for almost 60 years and never thrown away.....ANYTHING.
I mean anything, every receipt for the house, every card received, every magazine with an 'interesting article' it was here in these 3 bedrooms and a loft with little room for a postcard let alone another human and a child.
The sorting started almost immediately and never stopped. With no car it was hard work - 3 skips filled and sent away and numerous friends hired and used for trips to the local dump, eventually space was appearing. Then Mum became more incapacitated and needed more care, I became more depressed and little was done for a long time. Neighbours made complaints but never offered help (easy to do when you are on the outside of a problem) and it made things worse. Mum's last few months were made miserable by varying factors. I eventually got a car and for 3 months we had a real family again, being mobile and cheering ourselves up; then she died.

I have to thank the interfering - for making me realise that life isn't all about appearances and having a heart is a huge factor. I would rather ask a neighbour if I could help than ever just poke my nose in and be an interfering ass. Karma is a great thing!

I couldn't decorate unless Mum was in hospital or respite as she had COPD and couldn't cope with dust and paint, so it was never going to be a real possibility and it made me sad. This house was not a home anymore but a real weight on my shoulders and a memory of what used to be such a wonderful residence.

If you have ever read any previous posts you may have come across my competition entry for Hilary's Blinds earlier this year.
At the end of that post I set myself a project and that is where I and this blog have been for what seems like an eternity! I have immersed myself in paint, wallpaper and old furniture and just knuckled down to doing up my home a room at a time.

There were rules! I was not allowed to buy anything new with 2 exceptions bedding and flooring. Everything I used had to be upcycled, blagged, won or a review item. I had no idea what a huge task I had set myself.


Over the next week or so this blog will be full of DIY - on the cheap-skate!

I have products to review, products that I love and just want to rave about and ideas to share....

I am getting there, things are looking like a tunnel that has a very bright LED at the end .... and I'm loving it.... 

Stay Tuned

Jumping on the Lumia Band Wagon

I am an iPhone owner.

I own an iPhone.

It is a 4s

That is all I have to say about that!

Note that I don't say - I love my iPhone, My iPhone is amazing .... because well it isn't.

I have had to get the screen fixed (son's fault) Camera replaced (not son's fault) and now I have no sound so cannot make calls/answer or listen to anything.

It is also very small and to be honest I don't like small tech. It makes it feel less worthy of care, I'm a big chunky fan - camera, phone, laptop I like it to feel how much it has cost.
Perhaps it is my age? I do still love CD's and Vinyl.

Microsoft offered to let me trial the new Lumia 930 and I am so glad I did.

You may have noticed that all the advertising lacks the Nokia name but this phone still bears the logo. Microsoft have just released details of the new phone which will be just the 'Microsoft Lumia' so Nokia as a phone brand is no more.

I sold phones in the early 90's BEFORE text messaging even existed YES KIDS NO TEXTING! It was a strange industry in those days, utilised mainly by business men and dodgy geezers!
Thankfully it has moved on from that at such a pace that it is an industry to behold.

I am digressing!

Lumia 930.

First thing I noticed was the size and weight - I love it! The phone feels like a good quality item that deserves a case and shouldn't be thrown in your bag! 9.8mm thick and boasting a screen that is a lovely 5 inch display!
It completely swamps my iPhone in size and weight.

I find it so much easier navigating the Windows 8.1 OS and tiles are so easy to set up and play with, giving a personal homepage that is worthy of a laptop!

It doesn't come pre-loaded with lots of games either which I like as you can nip to the store and pick your favourites with no problems whatsoever, with more and more apps being added all the time.


20 mp YES TWENTY Pure View main rear camera with a dual LED flash I couldn't believe this, putting a lot of cameras on the market to shame. It has options that you would get with a DSLR and features not amiss on a top range system!
I love it and would use it everyday without fail.

Comparison pics to follow...


Yes it seems the Microsoft/Windows collaboration has almost gone and got Android accessibility! Lumia specific apps that are included work really well and the Beamer utility is awesome - I played with this a great deal and it is really fun.
It wouldn't be ideal for streaming content of gaming or such but one day....

Nokia HERE Drive, HERE Maps and the free Nokia Mix Radio where you can listen to created radio playlists, take them offline and get suggested radio stations!

Nokia HERE Drive allows you download maps for use offline great when abroad or in low signal areas.

The files app is awesome and allows you to store docs, pics, pages etc into easily accessible folders both on the phone & memory card.
Storyteller app allows photos to be organised, filed and tagged into a wonderful format that makes it quick to access and show off!


There’s a 32GB internal memory which unfortunately you cannot upgrade but hopefully this will be a feature for the future. 
You can open the nano sim holder with a nail or a hairgrip which is awesome as that silly pin needed for the iPhone is a right pain!

You can read text almost everywhere, even in direct sunlight, thanks to the Clear Black AMOLED high resolution display, which is very sharp.

Available in black, White, Green and Orange with a slightly velvet-rubbery feel so it gives a strong grip and avoids being thrown around!

Detailed Spec: 
  • Main camera: 20.0MP
  • Display size: 5''
  • Display resolution: Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • Processor name: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 800
  • Maximum talk time (3G): 17.9h
  • Maximum standby time: 16days
  • Battery capacity: 2420mAh
  • Size & Weight:
  • Height: 137 mm
  • Width: 71 mm
  • Thickness2: 9.8 mm
  • Weight: 167 g
  •  Operating System: Software Release: Phone 8.1 with Lumia Cyan 

  •     Processor: 
  • CPU name: Snapdragon™ 800 
  • Number of cores: Quad core
  • Clock rate: 2200 MHz
Overall I just find it 'friendlier' than my iPhone. My love affair with Apple is over, just the whole unsharing uncaring attitude has been enough really and as I write a lot and need to be able to share with my different tech - I'm now finding an Apple a day is not enough!

Lumia all the way.

Written from my hospital bed so pics will follow when I'm home!

Friday, 26 September 2014

You Can TalkTalk!

I am an Internet addict, whether it be browsing for research, comping, chatting to friends or blogging - as a single mum I rely on the net for the most part my social life.

I used BT for years as the service was reliable BUT and it's a big BUT - it is just ridiculously expensive. My contract finished this year so when the opportunity came to apply to be an Ambassador for TalkTalk I applied and was thrilled to be accepted.

I wasn't with my doubts though I will admit as I remember hearing about problems with the service provided.

So June 4th my Internet was due to be switched from BT over to TalkTalk. All my documentation and hardware arrived in plenty of time for the switchover.
The day arrived and the transition was faultless!
My Internet was on and working with no down time or problems and that is how it has stayed.

Signal inside my home is actually better than with BT although it does go down when I'm outside but that is not a huge problem.
You can overcome signal weakness with a device that plugs in a normal wall socket and amplifies the signal - cost around £30 you can view the Netgear product here.

I wanted to give the service a really good try over 3 months before I wrote this first post and I am honestly overjoyed. The service matches BTs and the cost certainly does NOT!
I have always been astounded with how much that company can get away with charging and provide terrible customer service to boot! It never seems to expensive until the bill arrives with line rental, VAT and lots of other extras added!

TalkTalk have overcome any of the problems they were experiencing, the service is A1 and the customer service - fast, polite and easy to contact.

Cost comparison



I am shortly adding the TV service so come back next month to see how I have got on with the You View box!

Happy TalkTalking!

Song for this post

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Constructive Criticism!

I recently had to attend an interview, my first for many years and I thought it went incredibly well. I answered everything they asked and presented myself well. I was fully, if not over qualified for the positions available.

I waited 9 days (they sent the letter 2nd class) I was unsuccessful for both positions.

I was really disheartened as would have been perfect BUT obviously not meant to be so onward and upward.

I did ask for feedback though which I am still waiting for.

That got me to thinking about other recent events in my life.

Wouldn't it be helpful if we got feedback for different aspects of our lives!

Dating would be so much easier....

Do I talk

a) Too much.

b) Not enough

c) SO much drivel I wanted to get out my handgun and put myself out of the misery

That type of thing.....

Would be so much more helpful than the usual - It's not you it's me......

I would also like it for teenage communication

How often would you like me to interact with you?

a) Only when offering food

b) Only when offering money

c) Never! You are an idiot and the parent from hell! I wish you weren't my Mother! I was SO adopted!

Forms are currently being printed....

What would you like feedback on?

Friday, 9 May 2014

Blogging from the Red Carpet... #BIBs Awards 2014

I love the blogging community - I love how it bands together in times of happiness and sadness, joy and sorrow and when you least expect it, a barrage of support wades in and brings a light to your very darkest hour.

When I was suffering from grief and facing homelessness last year I was frantic and I blogged my distress. Then an amazing thing happened - I had masses and I mean huge amounts of supportive messages and tweets; it was quite simply ....amazing.

I found help and inspiration from people that I did not know, had never met and yet with 140 characters took the time just to say

"I've been there"

"Don't give up"

and those words kept me going.

Thank you bloggers you are all stars!

So this time of year when all the glad rags are bought, celebs are wafting up the red carpets in their Chanel and their Prada - on a smaller scale but to be honest I think far, far more importantly are the BiBs - The Britmums Brilliance in Blogging awards. The one time a year when those bloggers that have captivated, inspired, motivated and moved us; are celebrated!

Shock Horror

I have been shortlisted for the Video category! I can't believe it - I do love making my silly videos but as with my writing - never really believing anyone reads/watches. So colour me gobsmacked!


I am I suppose now asking for you to vote for me, if you genuinely like my blog and giggle at me making a prat of myself on camera then please feel free to cast your ballot paper in my direction!

There are of course outstanding bloggers that are in each category and these awards also highlight some awesome gems that might have slipped past you. So check out the shortlist HERE and then cast your vote (you can only fill it in once so make sure you know before hand who you are voting for as there is no going back!)


I have so many favourite blogs in among that great lot that is was near impossible but I am happy with who I voted for.

I wish every single one of you the very best of luck and will be cheering you all at BritMums Live 2014!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Sore #Winner Competition Troll!

Tonight I got abused on Twitter... nothing new there, but I was called a #SoreLoser - I actually can't believe how cross I was initially and it made me question myself.

I'm not, if I were I would be moaning about every competition I don't win which would be all of them at the moment!
I love to see my friends win, be they compers or bloggers - but it is lovely to see people win something they really need or really want. I don't mind losing at all! Obviously I would love to win every competition I enter but that would be ridiculous, impossible and also it would make the wins seem ....well.... boring!

I love creative comps, I'm not very good but I try and I put in masses of effort for them. In fact I am a PR / SEO dream as I do everything possible for a great comp, push the brief to the max and certainly plug it to death on social media channels.

THERE, right there is where my issue was today. I entered a comp on my blog last week (now removed) - it wasn't a very good entry, I spent half an hour writing and doing the pics but I was happy with it! Then I went on to Twitter and looked at other entries and there were some AMAZING ones, posts that really followed the brief and came up with some great needs and wants for their homes. I knew I wasn't going to win but I thought a few of my friends stood a great chance.

The whole point of great Public Relations/ Social Media organised promotions/competitions are just that are they not? Are they not to gain great promotion for the company running the promo? The winner (if judged) surely should a) have followed the T&Cs b) Given great promotion to the company through channels c) Have a following that will continue to read and promote the company d) Increase visibility online and create potential customers/sales?

Have I made a mistake there?

So when a winner is picked that doesn't really come through with b,c and d it is a bit strange... well I think so!
Why would you pick a winner that writes a blog just for comps, no bio, no pic and no social media presence?

I was confused, so I voiced my opinion after talking to other entrants and Tweeted that is was a #PRFail.

For me that was the end of it, I had vented and then decided not to give said company anymore promo through my blog or Twitter.

This evening I got abuse for voicing my opinion. I was cross & did bite back twice but then blocked and ignored.
Something made me think it was strange, normally if you get into a row or get slated online that person is already following you or you have a shared interest. This troll was not following me until today and is not a comper so rather odd to get involved.
The thing that gave it away was she was only came after me and not the other Tweeter that voiced a concern, funny as I had entered and he had not...
Made me think she had info so I dug and it took me 30 seconds to have screen shot proof that she is a best friend & housemate of the girl who runs the Social Media for that company.

How VERY unprofessional.

Tomorrow I am ringing the manager and telling him the whole sorry story as I am standing up to bullies and will not be stopped from asking questions about how competitions are run etc!

This is the second incident I know of in the last month of companies staff abusing people via their own or friends accounts.

 It needs to stop!

Monday, 5 May 2014

A Little Bit of Magic - Competition with Gardens2You

I love magic, fairies, sprites even leprechauns and like nothing more than building them somewhere lovely to live and explore...

My garden is beginning to look like a garden and not a junk yard/jungle - it is big - as I have a corner house so it covers 3 sides of my home and has a 43 meter hedged boundary! (Any fencing companies reading this that would like to use my home as a Guinea pig for fencing please get in touch!)

One thing about having a house on a corner is that you lose privacy. I don't have any area that is not looked over so the little area I have out the back is this year going to become my magic hideaway (that is the plan) ... somewhere I can relax and unwind and not feel like I'm being observed (except of course by Pixies)!

Gardens2You work from Ebay and have sent me a beautiful full set of resin garden mushrooms to brighten the darkest of corners and add a little magic into your garden!

They are really pretty and just look fit for any fairy garden party!

They range in size from 
Round Head: 9cm tall, 7cm wide 
Short Round Head: 8cm tall, 8cm wide
Thin Pointed Head: 12cm tall, 3.5cm wide        
Short Pointed Head: 8cm tall, 4.5cm wide

A full set retails at £44.99 with FREE delivery! You can also purchase them individually HERE

So one of you lucky readers can win a full set by entering via the Rafflecopter below.

Now I say this EVERY time I do a comp - PLEASE LEAVE THE MANDOTORY BLOG COMMENT for all other entries to be valid. 

Just Fill in the Rafflecopter and Good Luck!

Terms and Conditions
  • open to over 18's only
  • open to UK residents only
  • The mandatory blog comment entry & MUST be completed for others entries to be valid.
  • The prize consists of a full set of Mushrooms as pictured, No alternatives are available.
  • The winner will be contacted by me shortly after the draw closes to obtain details so that I may arrange delivery of their prize.
  • The winner must respond within 7 days or a new winner will be drawn.
  • The draw closes at 11.59 on the 25/05/2014

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Win competitions at

Friday, 2 May 2014

888Ladies Favourite Game....

Whilst hanging around 888Ladies playing Millionaire Genie I actually played a few games of online bingo for the first time.

I LOVE bingo - I would go every night if I could but I don't get the chance very often.

usually it is in my village hall for Christmas and you can win a box of crackers and a box of After Eights! Nothing like the Jackpots that are available in the clubs or online...

Over at 888Ladies there are a selection of 'rooms' to choose from but after trying a few I found my favourite to be Nutty Ninety - the players were really friendly and I had quite a laugh on the chat whilst playing! The jackpots vary from a few pounds to thousands, which I haven't won .... yet!

I don't know if I would play on a really regular basis but for fun now and again I would definitely use the site.

This is my entry for the 888Ladies Bingo Competition

Friday, 25 April 2014

Slots of Fun? Millionaire Genie - Review -

I have never gambled online except for a few games of bingo a couple of years ago. So when an opportunity came up to try the new game 'Millionaire Genie' on I was accepted and gave it a try.

Now I don't claim to be a hustler or have the foggiest when it comes to online gaming so it is all a bit baffling for me to be honest.
I had a £5 prepaid balance to play with and I clicked the link.

Now the first thing for me to understand was how much each 'spin' cost me and the bet is 15p you can use the auto spin feature which enables you to go off and perhaps play bingo or another slot game whilst the computer spins for you. I didn't use this feature as I wanted to watch it play.

Each spin gives you three rows of different symbols which roll just like a fruit machine every time you have a go. If you are lucky enough to have a winning line it lights up in gold and shows you which line or 'row' you had won with. That is where I was completely lost. I looked at the 'pay table' which explains which symbols you need in order to win but after playing for some time I was still completely unaware of how you actually win on the 'win lines' - maybe a beginners guide is needed?

There is a huge amount of money to be won with this game and it is a random pick so you could find yourself winning millions. My biggest wins came with the scatter feature - 3 of the genie appearing which then opens up the Genie using his abacus to decide how many free spins you get.

This is then an accumulative win streak. The most I won with this was £4.57 but I did get the feature a total of 4 times so it all added up. In fact it took me ages to spend the £5!

then I got the scatter feature for the 4th time and the game froze! I was completely panicked so I went to the home screen and found help which gives you multiple options of how to contact 888Ladies and included 24/7 live chat which is brilliant!
I clicked on the button and had to wait 16 seconds for help. I was dubious about the advice given but it worked after a reboot the game came back exactly where I left it so no loss of winnings!

my final win streak came in at £1.65

I only got the bonus feature once in all the play and won around £1 so no huge jackpot for me.

If I understood it better I think I would have enjoyed it more but as it goes I probably wouldn't go back as I just don't 'get it' - if you are a fan of slots online and you know what you are doing I imagine this is huge fun. I miss holds though like on a real fruit machine. If I could have held the symbols I would have absolutely loved it!

Overall it is a well produced game with great graphics and ways to win but for me I need a dummies guide to slots online!

You can currently vote for your favourite games whether it be bingo, Millionaire Genie or any that you just can't get enough of! Just nip on over to this URL and vote! Voting closes on May 2nd!

Song for this post!

This is a sponsored post and I was given a balance of £5 to play with. This is my honest opinion and payment did not influence this post.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

ABC of Murder - Review - The Alphabet Killer DVD (Spoiler Free)

I love being out of the loop, I love finding a book or a movie that I really like that I know nothing about. No puff, no hype, no spin; just pure unexpected entertainment.

Just for those reasons, I haven't nor will I ever read 50 Shades or see the movie, for those same reasons I didn't enjoy Silence of the Lambs, well Sir Anthony was awesome but for me Jodie Foster was just an awful Starling - played far more believably by Julianne Moore.

Anyhoo I am digressing!

I answered a PR request for book reviews but it turned out all were too young for my son so instead I was sent a few DVDs and all of which I knew nothing.

Last night I was in a mood for a good thriller and so I chose

"The Alphabet Killer"

A movie I have no preconceived ideas about, had never read a press release or watched a trailer for.

Immediately I was thrilled as the leading lady turned out to be one of my favourite all time (and very underrated) actresses - Eliza Dushku. You may now her as Faith from Buffy/Angel, Dollhouse, Bring it on, Wrong Turn and the sadly cancelled Tru Calling (of which I am still reeling over never knowing what happened!!)

The cast is strong with roles from Timothy Hutton (Ordinary People, Secret Window) Cary Elwes (Liar Liar, Saw, X-Files) and even a small part filled by the incredible Michael Ironside (Highlander 2, ER)

Based on the true Alphabet Murders in 1977-79 (Also known as the double initial murders) this film has a strong plot but with a very important sub-theme. Mental Illness.

Without giving too much away and I promise to keep this spoiler free, it follows the story of Dushku as Megan Paige a Homocide detective working on the triple abductions and subsequent murders of three little girls, whilst coping with an obsessional involvement.

Paige suffers a schizophrenic adult break and has to try and overcome the prejudice of her co-workers within the police department.
Fighting to stay in the job and hold it together, Eliza plays the role to perfection and creates a tense, thrill seeking atmosphere forcing the watcher to scream at the film, just to get people to LISTEN to her and not just hear.

Direction is suspense a minute, with eerie shots from peculiar angles, creating the impression she is being watched and you are never sure if she is or not! Excellent work from Director, Rob Schmidt.

Mental health is a very difficult subject to carry off well especially within a completely different story line but the film dealt with it in a very realistic and sympathetic way, following daily struggle and the fight to be believed. I would love to know if Eliza researched, and how.

I looked up the film today after watching it and I was so shocked to see it was made in 2008! I love a good horror/thriller/drama so just have no idea how I missed it!

I have read some online reviews and have to say I disagree with most of them.

It was a really good watch and I did not find it predictable in fact I guessed the killer at about 85% through which is very late for me!
I also like the fact that the viewer watches Megan's struggle from the outside, not trying to confuse the viewer with what is or what is not reality. It shows a true understanding of a desperate woman trying to stay herself and coping with the stress of a demanding and unsympathetic job.

8/10 Lemons

and I'd like a sequel PLEASE!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Good Enough to Eat - Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Juvenate

I smell awesome...REALLY...I do, every time I move or wave an arm about I get a waft of gorgeous aromas and it is coming from me!

I'm not being odder than usual, honest! I have been extremely lucky and was nominated by my very lovely friend; Jo over at the Adequate Parent. Thank you so very much & for your lovely words Jo! x

Jo was reviewing an item from the Cocoa Juvenate range by Hotel Chocolat & was asked to nominate somebody to receive their item of choice.
I was the lucky recipient and I chose the body butter which is beautiful! It smells amazing in the pot, glides on effortlessly, soaks in without any residue and leaves you smelling just plain yummy!

Top notes of creamy cocoa butter laced with lime, tones of bergamot but the outstanding scent is of the warming sandalwood which lingers for hours; giving heady, aromatherapy to your senses!
I absolutely love it and recommend it just for a luxurious treat or if like me you suffer from dry skin, a perfect nourishing moisturiser!

I didn't realise Hotel Chocolat manufactured a skin range and I am so happy they do! Other products in the range include bath oil and a luxury hand cream (I haven't eaten it honest!) “Made with handpicked premium ingredients including: Organic West Indian cocoa butter & Moroccan argan oil to help nourish, soften and smooth the skin.”

You may have noticed I am a little late with this post for Mother's Day. Due to a delivery problem with Royal Mail I received the product too late but I am still allowed to nominate a blogger to receive a treat fit for a Queen and as Mothers should be celebrated every day why not indeed!

So my nomination goes to my very best friend and I wrote a poem......

 I sat in the interview nervous, head in a book
nobody looked up or gave a second look.
I glanced around and saw her sat there
all pretty and reading with flowing red hair
"You look like Gabby from Neighbours"
I blurted without thinking; aloud for all to hear
"Thank you - I think as I have no idea
of who she is" she replied and gave me a grin
I waffle when I'm nervy and easily could down a gin
or 3 when things get to tough
and after the interview I'd had enough!
But we both got the job
& travelled real far
& met in the hotel and propped up the bar
and trained for 5 days
& did bonding techniques
if this was the job; the outlook was bleak
I did get very hammered
snogged my boss to be
She gave me a talking to
and made me black coffee!
So we worked in the store
selling a new fangled invention
a 'mobile phone' with no wires for connection!
20 years ago that was now
life has passed on at speed
boyfriends, husbands, births & deaths
she is the only friend I ever need
If you could choose a sister
to be there on your course
then she would be my number one
and I'd never have remorse
So Sonya please take this poem
and accept this gift from me.
as to me you are my shining light
& without you I can't be....

Miss Cisco (Sonya) blogs at

So go on head on over to Hotel Chocolat and indulge yourself inside & out!


I was not paid for this review but I did receive the product for free, this did not influence this review.

Monday, 7 April 2014

No Recent Experience

Up until Ev was 6 months old I had always worked.

When I left school I went straight in to a factory job until I found something I wanted to do which I eventually did. I then went on to work in Animal Welfare for years, then a private kennels and finally on to college to qualify as a groomer.
In those days there was no minimum wage and at one point I was on 75p an hour and good pay was £10 per day!
It was a definite vocation.

I went in to retail for better money after I returned from backpacking and in 1995 went to Uni and completed a 2yr HND in Design Communications at Southampton Institute (Now Solent Uni).

I went back in to retail after graduating and finally ended up in financial admin as a settlements clerk for Amex and then I was head hunted for a special project at Barclays.

That takes me right up to Ev being 6 months old and after the Barclays contract ended I didn't go back to work. I found it too hard to leave him and even though he was well looked after at nursery he really was not the happy baby I knew he could be.

The summer after he turned 4, I started caring for my Mum and then did that until last October. As being a carer is not classed as 'working' I officially have not had a job for 11 years!

I can see why on paper I am a risk, but I am ABLE to work, WILLING to work  and NEED to work! I am looking everyday and apply for at least 2/3 daily but I get nothing, very rarely a No even!

I have not sat on my backside over the 11 years. I am a volunteer for TV/Film conventions where I can be selling tickets one minute to being a PA for an actor the next. I chaired the PTA, organised and helped run events for funding. Organise events within my community. I helped run toddlers group, started a blog - and even use that to help up and coming business' to grow an online identity.

I am good at a lot of things, I love learning and I am great at using initiative. If I can organise, promote or even perform public speaking; then I am in my element. I just need somebody to take a chance on me ....queue Abba... or not! 

Monday, 31 March 2014

Country Craft Project - with Hillarys Blinds

I now have a home, after being put through hell over the last few months, I can now settle down and start to build a future for Evan and get on with doing up this house at last!

 I couldn't decorate whilst Mum was here as any fumes would affect her breathing so the opportunities to paint were few and far between.

When I saw that Hillarys Blinds were running a craft competition I signed up and it has really stirred up some passion in me to get on with doing up each room and really trying to solve what issues each room has. The biggest issue every room has is


Well lack of it! The bathroom is not the biggest room and so I have units but it makes it really cramped so as I have an OCD for products I really need some where to store them that does not impact on my usable space.

For the competition we had to choose one of four options of fabric to have delivered. I opted for the beautiful Peacock design "Bird Parade" in Teal.

I really love turquoise and Peacocks are such majestic creatures it was by far my favourite, although any of the patterns would be lovely in a craft project.

So I walked around town looking for inspiration and trying to work out how I could turn this fabric into a usable item that would make like easier and it dawned on me to make a hanging product tidy.

So you will need:

of your chosen fabric
A piece of Dowelling / coat hanger / curtain rod
any decals you have that you like!

This really is such a simple item to make but I hope you will agree is really effective!

I had an old tea towel rail rod which I decided to use as the supporting bar this measures 18", so I cut the fabric to leave half an inch of the rod showing either side.

Measure your fabric

Depending on how many rows of pockets you require, I made mine with three rows.

Hem the sides and bottom of your back panel.

Cut 3 strips of fabric wider than your main fabric backing.

Take an average size bottle and measure it so you know it will fit.

Take each strip and attach the sides, then sew the widths to form the pockets and finally gather and sew the bottom.
Do this with all the strips.

Fold over the top to hem but before sewing make 2 small slits along the fold and sew on the lengths of ribbon. Leave a loop inside to hold the rod (if you use a coat hanger you can omit this part) Sew along the the top and thread the rod through.

I had some peacock coloured beads which I glued to the ends of the rod to make them pretty - second hand/charity shops are great places for old necklaces/bracelets you can use the beads from!

And voila!

I had to improvise to show how I tied the ribbons as I haven't put the hooks up in my bathroom yet but you get the idea. I love it, you can whip out the rod and wash it too so it's brilliant for holding products!

I made the pockets all shapes and depths to hold different products and I'm thrilled with it!

I am now setting myself a project to do up each room, but I can't buy anything new - it must all be either recycled, charity shop or car boot sale bought, I'll keep you informed of what I do!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Win! - Mark Hill Wicked Waver

Fancy some Bad Girl Glam?

To celebrate my blog turning Two this month I have a fabby giveaway where you can bag yourself a Mark Hill Extreme Wicked Waver!

"The Wicked Waver Extreme from Mark Hill delivers gorgeous, tousled salon-perfect curls in seconds. Due to the unique barrel design no two curls will ever be the same. The tourmaline ceramic technology used on the barrel ensures that heat is evenly distributed so your curls are smooth, shiny and frizz free."

Just Fill in the Rafflecopter and Good Luck!

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