Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Photobox competition

I miss flicking through photos.

 My Mum took thousands and weekly we would wait patiently for them to be developed and come back from the shop or through the post. She would then make a coffee and we would sit down and go through one by one.
 I used to get the albums out and plague her with questions of who was who and frequently we said we would go through and write down people's names and dates as I wouldn't know, but we never did get around to it.

 Things have changed, we don't even take 'bad' photos anymore I suppose the trendy term for a mistake is a 'Face Bomb' but not quite as funny as the common 'oh there was a butterfly on that bush when I took the photo' that my Mum did millions of times!

 So having given it lots of thought I have decided I am going to slowly go through all my photos and turn them into coffee table books that way we can still flick through them but also add who people are, put them into subjects/holidays/celebrations the possibilities are endless!
 The photo book is the new photo way to display and I personally think far better than just having them stored on some file somewhere, and never really looked at. .....because what is a photo that is never looked at...just a memory that nobody returns to and that is very sad indeed.

 Those super people over at Photobox are running a great competition where you can win an amazing Canon Ixus camera and a premium canvas and just by registering you can get 40 FREE prints to sit and enjoy looking through with your loved ones! So pay them a visit and have a look at their awesome deals with prices for a photo book from as little as £5.99! There are so many personal items available you really will be spoilt for choice!

Enter HERE

All you have to do is register and you could win the camera plus  you will receive 40 prints so what's not to love!