Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Gimme Shelter!

I was in the process of breaking down in RocknRoll Mum's kitchen, I opened my email and thought you all might like to read this.

"Dear Miss Fancy

I have some good news in that I took your case to our legal section.  They have advised that when your father died the succession to your mother took place under the District Council and they granted her a new tenancy with fresh succession rights.  This means that you can succeed to the tenancy and therefore, become a tenant with us in your own name."

I still can't stay due to over occupancy in my birth home but what a fantastic peice of news and all because one woman didn't think the history looked right and took it further.....

I want to thank you all in the blogger sphere for the incredible support you have shown us, you are all stars in my sky xxxx