Friday, 27 September 2013

Socially Yours ...(Online)

I started using the Internet in 1995, almost 20 years ago! At the time it was nothing like it is today and I remember being at Uni and printing off vast amounts of pages for a little information!

Today everything is SO accessible from shopping to research to sex and dating, everything you could possible need or want is at the click of your device!

Looking at a recent survey looking into our nations online habits some of the results really surprised me! for instance 27% do not use social media sites at all, that is a quarter of those studied. Companies are so wrapped up in directing advertising and promotion online through Facebook and Twitter they need to remember there is still a large amount of Internet users that are not seeing 'that ad' or 'this competition'!

Facebook is still coming out on top closely followed by Twitter and Pinterest but Google + and Linkedin are closing the gap with more people using them to socialise and career build.

I use the Internet everyday, mostly I use it for company as many of my good friends are online and we chat everyday but I also use it for shopping, recipes and of course my hobby - Comping!

I have met some amazing people online - most of which are now very dear friends and next weekend a big group of us are getting together for a comping weekend. It is also my birthday so I can't wait!
Online relationships are often accused of being fake/not real and not 'real life' friendships but for me this couldn't be farther than the truth!
I spend all or most of my evenings alone and without my online friends I would be basically Nobby no mates! We discuss everything and air our views and problems and without this social interaction I would have been institutionalised a long time ago!

Obviously you do have to be careful like I have written about before (which you can read HERE) as you do NEVER know if people are being honest. A friend of mine recently blogged about a very sad and SHOCKING experience she had to deal with, worth a read of any net users time. Tattooed Mummy was completely taken in by a 'friend' and it is a disturbing read.

3% admitted to 'Stalking' somebody online with love interest being the most popular answer but Ex's, Family and partners ex all being subject to being looked at.
It's not just personal stalking though that hits the headlines with an increasing number of employers looking at potential and current staff's social media behaviour - which doesn't always turn out well! Just have a read of this article!

I think people really do not realise how much information they put out there! I know I am careful to never get really personal on any social media platforms. I don't disclose going away or going out and I certainly never get in to very personal arguments! Where we used to have time to reflect and chill out before we retaliated it seems rows and arguments are at the touch of a button and before people think the backlash is instantaneous!

A good movie to watch is Panic Button - really shows how a comment anyone makes without thinking can get you in a awful lot of trouble!

This survey has really made me think about just how much of my time I do spend on my laptop, phone, iPad....errrrr But for me in my situation where I cannot go out in the evenings very often it is a lifeline so I am not beating myself up too much!

How much time do you spend online?
Have you ever stalked an ex online?
Do you think our nations online habits are a good thing or can only lead to isolation?

Please feel free to comment! I love reading your views!

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