Friday, 6 September 2013

Dear Son.....

Dear Son,......

I'm sorry I can't be with you
each and every day,
I'm sorry I can't protect you
from the nasty things they say,
I'm sorry I can't just stop it
and make it go away.

I'm sorry that it's you this week
that has the brunt of it all,
I'm sorry that it started
just at the start of Fall,
I'm sorry that the boys involved
you thought were your good friends
I'm sorry that it carries on and never
seems to end...

If I could wrap you in my arms
and take it all away
I'd wrap you in bubble wrap
and not let you out to play
I'd keep you in until you are 50
and not let anyone near
but I can't so I have to watch as
you cry and shed a tear...

I know and understand how much it really stings
when they whisper and chant
and call you nasty things
it gives life a nasty slant.
Now that I am older I know that
I could deal
but then, back then
I remember how you feel.

People used to say ignore them and
they will go away
But they never did
and bitches always stay.
Just concentrate on the good
and try to give as you get
because they obviously don't know you
or haven't met YOU yet!

You are a super cool boy
and I'm lucky that your mine
and if they had any brains
they would stop and take the time
to get to know the real you
that is funny, bright and clever
and anyone that bothers
would have the best mate ever.....