Wednesday, 28 August 2013

I REALLY Hate you Incy Wincy!

OK, I know there is a use i.e Fly population etc etc but I just cannot put up with British House Spiders - not at all, not one bit! It's the start of the season where they are wandering around looking for Mr or Mrs right and so far I've had 3 of the buggers, bloody huge ones appear from nowhere and scare the shit out of me! Actually no, it's been 2 for me and 10 minutes ago number 3 made Evan SCREAM so loud I thought he was being murdered in his bedroom, I still haven't seen THAT one....yet. Red Raid - it is my saviour, although I don't like using any type of chemical really I truly cannot live without this stuff. I tried conkers and conker spray, bought sirens and wired brush catching crap devices but NOTHING works except your hoover and Red Raid!  I have poisoned myself once with it when I sprayed the loft and was in there too long breathing it in BUT I'd do it again if it stops the horrid frighteners!

 I did really well last year and held this:

She had starred in James Bond and was fluffy and had sticky feet, I didn't feel half as worried as I thought I would. Adrenalin kicked in after though and my legs went!


This is NOT a typical house spider! They are black, fast, nasty and want to eat me and my child! It's the surprise factor, why hide in clothing? Why be under my damn pillow? 

I love natural history programmes and watch most but there has never been one as far as I know that is about our spiders, I mean those that dwell in the British Isles. I would like to know more like where are they when you don't see them, how long do they live when they are not in my house? How many young do they have etc etc 
It won't make me like them but it would maybe let me understand them a bit more.

Please BBC make one!