Monday, 24 June 2013

Britmums Live - its a rap! Well a poem....

I thought id write a poem
instead of writing a post with clout
My weekend of fun at Britmums 
And what's it all about!

I was really nervous
I really shouldn't have been
I spoke to so many people
And not one of them was mean

I played with wands and a floppy monkey
Kissed my best friends on the lips
Met people of all shapes and sizes
And feel better about my hips!

I laughed and cried a lot in talks
I even participated in a discussion
I probably didn't make much sense
And I knew that I was blushin'

I stayed the night at Jo's house
Who was as friendly as can be
With Sonya, Rach and Lucy
Fantastic hospitality!

I watched talks about PR, Feminism and brands
I picked up lots of lovely tips
And shook a lot of hands!

I ate a lot of biscuits
Drank a few gallons of coffee
Indulged in some delicious cakes
And lattes that were frothy

I found out things about Kirstie Allsopp
dog sick and helium balloons made of foil
And .katie Hill is damn hilarious
and her experience with her coil!

I met loads of lovely people
And have lots of blogs to read
Everyone a brilliant effort
All styles cultures and creeds.

And then I cried  about loss
Matilda Mea and Kerry
And all of us bloggers sang together
fireworks by Katie Perry

And then it was all over 
So quickly it hardly begun
What was the one thing that I learnt?
That blogging is all about fun!