Wednesday, 1 May 2013

RATstands - Review

I am always on the look out for anything that makes my disabled Mum's life easier. In 2012 Ev and I went to the Gadget Show Live and whilst wondering around the vast amount of trade stands I happened to notice tablet stand and went and had a chat with the very attractive company rep! (doesn't hurt to have good looking company members).

Mum reads a huge amount and when her eyesight started to be affected with cataracts I bought her a Kindle so she can change the font size and continue to enjoy one of the only pleasures she still has.
Then another problem became apparent, due to breaking her neck and medication she is on her hands shake terribly. She can support her hands by pressing hard on her forearms but it makes for difficulty in pressing the  side buttons and being comfortable whilst using the Kindle. Every time we seem to sort out an issue something else always comes to light!

RATstands are amazing, used for choirs, orchestras and public speaking it instantly came to me that one would be perfect for holding Mum's Kindle and allowing her to position it without any problems.
At the time they were only made for the iPad but this year when we went back to the Gadget Show, David gave me the fantastic news they are now able to make them for all tablets!
He sent me one to try and see how Mum coped with it and it was just fantastic.

RATstands have competitors that make table top versions and you may think this would be a much better idea than floor standing but it is not.
Table top stands would be virtually impossible to a) find room for on a surface near enough and b) not be knocked over or cause other things to be knocked.
Floor standing is the only way to go.
Mum now has a Kindle Fire so she doesn't have to worry about button control. It took some getting used to - swiping the screen, as it was so alien to her but she has now got really used to it and doesn't need to be able to pinpoint for control.

It packs down completely flat:

The sturdy base makes it impossible for her knock over and I made her try various ways with her frame, her arms and her trolley but it never fell.

(Does not come with Cat)

It holds the iPad perfectly (she was just trying it out with my iPad before the Kindle version is available) and so effortlessly Mum found it completely problem proof.
From the website:

The new Z3 is a tablet stand unlike any other on the market. It gives you the freedom to work anywhere hands free but now comes with security features and future proofing. It has:

Portability - it folds to a flat pack in three simple moves with no knobs and no finger traps.

Height - it is fully adjustable so you can use it while lying down, standing or sitting.

Tilt - a special joint means that you can look at it from any position, and it’s cradle turns through 360 degrees.

Future proofing - the cradle features interchangeable arms which enable any design of tablet - present and future - to be fitted.

Security – options include an integral lock and a floor bracket.

Quality – anodised aluminium construction gives light weight and great strength.

Convenience – a single knob secures or releases the tablet.

Finally  it folds into a neat bag and is light and easy to carry.

I am definitely buying one as soon as the Kindle Fire is supported, brilliant item!

You can find out more about the range and the company HERE

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