Monday, 13 May 2013

How I've Changed in 30 Years - Dear Diary...

People as a whole don't like change but when it's a whole grain difference it's not a bad thing! 

Kellogg's Special K have changed the recipe for the first time in 30 years and is now made with rice, wheat and barley and I don't know but I much prefer it! I find it is lighter and far more ermmm well 'moreish!' 
As for me?  I will leave you to decide how much I and things have changed with a once in a life time glance into my SECRET DIARY!! WOO HOO!

Here is my entry into the BritMums/Special K How I’ve changed Linky challenge and jolly good fun it was to! You can have a good nosey over at My Special K for great advice on healthy lifestyles, healthy eating and general good advice!

So here I am 30 years on from this :


to this......:

Once a hippy......

I wish I could go back and talk to that little girl and tell her so many insightful facts (mostly to invent Facebook) but alas it is not possible and to be honest I REALLY wouldn't want to change a thing!

So as you can see AND as they say things have a 30 year cycle! Incredible really .... How some things stay the same, how some things change....
At least you know with a brand like Kellogg you can always rely that it will be tasty and wholesome and the new Special K is definitely both of those!

I received a box of the new recipe Special K but these opinions are my own.