Saturday, 6 April 2013

Time to take your TABLETS... Gadget Show Days 3/4

OK so day 3 I actually feel like I have moved in and the Gadget Show is now my home but divulging in a few cans of Kick Energy and I was well away!

First on the agenda today was the Connectivity talk at the Microsoft theatre - Evan was absolutely enthralled and is now SMART GLASS's biggest fan. Finding out he can control his XBOX from his smart phone and his tablet has gone down a treat in fact he has a guest blog post coming up very soon!

So you can catch the connectivity talk at around 3.10 pm today at the Microsoft Theatre on stand C45 - really worth a visit!

 So this post is really about the tablets that I have looked at and used here this week.

The Surface

I know I keep ranting about it but it truly is awesome! I am sat typing on the touch keyboard at this moment and even though it takes me back to being 9 yrs old and in front on my Sinclair ZX81 (oh how I loved you and your 1k ram) but it is versatile and it is gorgeous and sturdy and friendly and you can share stuff and and and .... *takes a breath and calms down

Ian from Microsoft has given me a guided tour of the equipment and the basics of Windows 8 and I am smitten. After realising just how unfriendly my iPad is and completely useless for working from I am so thrilled to be able to use this!

The Surface is made from VaporMG (magnesium alloy) which allows it to be thin and really strong and so light you wouldn't know it is even there.
The 32 GB has a slot for another 32 memory card so you can double the capacity. It also allows you to snap on and off the keyboard and bend it back on itself which automatically shuts off the keys so no accidental typing!
The Kickstand is great and I love typing on my knees and in bed so brillo pads for that!

Retailing in at  £399 (touch keyboard £79.99) it is well worth the money! If you are at GSL this weekend have a play with it and be prepared to love it!

More in a mo!