Friday, 5 April 2013

Tech No Prisoners! Gadget Show Day 2

So back in to the craziness of GSL Thursday - Day 2.

Ev was straight into the Microsoft stand and on to the Vaio Touch Tap - (like mother like son!)  He loved trying out the games on it, as did I - the response is fantastic but I also want to say how wicked the mouse is, amazing design.
Still think the Surface wins over it all though because of it's size and transportability plus the fact I love the keyboard which you just click on.

Our good friends at AF International The specialists in PC, workstation, office equipment and multimedia cleaning products are back at stand D180 and have discounts on ALL the RRP prices and are giving away USB fans (which are awesome) and free samples - Make sure you go and say Hi!

It is amazing that you miss so much walking around - we have already now completed 2 days and yet are STILL finding areas and stands we have missed!

We are SO GLAD we found this: 


This has just blown us away! Retailing at just 34.99 and NOT available until August - this system is just amazing.
For your money you get a 'theatre' with props and on product launch a free app for any smart phone/device will allow you to create interactive Holographic movies!

I took a video of part of the show so you can get some idea of what you can do:

If you visit the stand there is also a chance to win one!

Please go and see this - it truly is AWESOME!

As most of you know - companies I use/find/recommend I find through competitions that they run online. Otone are no exception and they are such a fun and friendly company, that I would have never heard of without the power of a great competition!

Well I'm a complete speaker fan and yesterday the lovely Gareth gave me a tour of the new products and they are amazing.
I particularly loved the Soundship Micro - Android Bluetooth Microdock - The design is stylish, neat and very futuristic without going over the top. 
It is very tactile and I love the push down centre so it feels interactive! The size is excellent and for those of us that do not have a great deal of space in their homes - is practical without losing out on any quality.

"The simple “Push & Pop” mechanism opens up to reveal an integrated micro USB
dock connector. Once the base is open it also displays a retractable USB cable, to
recharge the battery, and a stereo jack connector for an AUX line-in. The Bluetooth
functionality adds that extra flexibility, so whatever device you have,
you’re covered."

Total RMS Power: 2 x 3W
Frequency Response: 150 Hz ~ 20KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio: >55dB
Audio Input: Bluetooth, Micro USB docking, 3.5mm stereo
Power: AC/DC 5V 2A, Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Weight: 0.53kg
Speaker dimensions (W x H x D):
115x 250 x 45 mm

The Soundbar the Sonora AV-Lance, which was unveiled at the show on Tuesday to the press and Wednesday to the Public has clarity and a rich depth to the sound. I was really impressed with how clear the music was with all the background noise to deal with!
It is also really stylish and with the wireless subwoofer will fit into any home.

Total RMS Power: 120W (2 x 30W + 60W)
Frequency Response (soundbar): 90 Hz ~ 20KHz
Frequency Response (subwoofer): 40 Hz ~ 90 Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio: >100dB
Audio Input: SPDIF (optical), 2 x RCA stereo,
3.5mm stereo
Power Supply: AC Mains
Soundbar: AC(100-240V /50-60Hz) - DC (24V 2.5A)
Subwoofer: AC(100-240V /50-60Hz) - DC (24V 2.7A)
Speaker dimensions (W x H x D):
Soundbar: 1011.8mm x 113.3mm x 107.7mm
Subwoofer: 205mm x 319.5mm x 311.2mm

The Soundship is also a really nice size and the sound is excellent. I love the display and touch control.

"The interchangeable connectors can be swapped to suit your device, or the dock can
also be used as a desktop charging stand.
Lightening, 30 pin and micro USB connectors mean it's compatible with most Apple
and Android Smart devices and Bluetooth functionality takes care of the rest, so
whatever device you have, you’re covered.
By detaching the dock, it can be used as a desk stand, this can then be
connected to either the Soundship base or any laptop or PC via the USB
cable to simultaneously charging/sync'ing your device."

Get over to the stand and have a listen!