Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Gadgets Gadgets Everywhere!

So we are here at the Gadget Show Live 2013 and so far things are looking good!

Ev is having a great time and being 11 I have allowed him a little freedom within time constraints and and so far he has been a really good boy! As long as he keeps it up I don't mind allowing him a bit of his own time.

First stop was the AWESOME Microsoft stand which is HUGE and is found at C45 - Showcasing their touch orientated Windows 8 operating system and the Surface to name one of the massive array of devices. Have a play with the Sony Vaio Tap or one of the other touch systems.

RATstands are back and this time more versatile than ever with the ability to have the stands made to fit virtually ANY tablet device! I am thrilled with this as I have been keeping on to them for ages to make one for the Kindle as my Mum is disabled and shakes so finds it hard to read. I am REALLY looking forward to buying and reviewing it. Find them at B163.

So far other great stands that have stood out are Acer B20 with the Crystal Maze type game of catching the foil strips to win prizes, I was rubbish and caught 3!!

Mummyof3Diaries - Chris and I being complete rubbish red foil collectors!:

We stalked the really nice camera guy from OTone Audio D80 and forced him to let us in his video for a chance to win a Varsa Speaker.
Overlockers C160 are back and loud! We never win anything with them as A - we are short and B - not big burly gaming men  - shame on them :(  At least the PA is better though and not just noise this year!

More soon.......