Thursday, 4 April 2013

Gadgets For All

The afternoon on Day 1 of this year's Gadget Show Live was just as much fun, especially for Ev - who on one of his expeditions found a game that he LOVES and also managed to have a go on Resident Evil Regeneration, Tomb Raider and various others....

....mmmmm now last year there was a BIG thing made about age and even if you looked under the age certificate for a particular game you were allowed nowhere near. Not so much this year.....

Ev asking how old they are 9 and 7!

I am quite particular with what Evan plays and sees at home and even though I allow him some fantasy violence he is not allowed to play RE (My favourite all time series) so I am not too happy about this but hey ho...plenty TO be happy about!

There is a massive competition between 4 universities that reaches its climax on Sunday with the announcement of the winner and them receiving a licence worth huge amounts of money to get their winning game out. Evan is besotted with PolyMorph by the Uni from Staffordshire - so go check out the entries and vote for your favourite - find them in the Gaming Zone.

In the gaming zone we also stumbled upon this company - H-5D Holographic Gaming at C202

They are very happy just being serious for the photo!

The gaming experience is just awesome - I was amazed as was Ev, we watched a good deal of the Batman game being played and it is just amazing! 3D gaming like I've never seen, I would LOVE a good zombie game made by these guys!

The whole system that you get includes the PC, Projector, Glasses everything (great pack of kit) and although a final price is not finalised they think it will come in around/between 2900 & 3200 which sounds vast for a gaming system but as it is a new project and with the right people/backing behind them who knows.... 
Well worth checking out.

Vibe Watch are back with more funky collections and fab waterproof covers for iPads and iPhones! We particularly like the new metal bezels and accessories. Great gifts for the kids as you can swap the colours around and prices start from just £2!!  Find the stand at D250.