Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Evan's Dream Bedroom

Evan is 11, and his bedroom is seriously due for an update. It is still Toy Story from 7 years ago when I moved back in to my old home to care for my Mum and for one reason or another Ev's bedroom just hasn't been decorated; so when I found this brilliant creative competition from the Little Greene Paint Company and you can win £200 to spend on paints plus £50 Toys R Us vouchers for your little interior designer. I had to tell Ev and see what he would come up with.....

You just need to blog your child's design and Tweet before the 30th April.

Ev is a huge tech fan so obviously he was going to base his room around gaming - I could see that coming but I sat him down with the Little Green Paint Company's website and asked him to choose his colour scheme from their selections and I was surprised with his choice!

He didn't pick individual colours he found this photo:

He loved the colour combination and the stripes so he sat on the printer and printed off as close he could get to match the combination and did a brilliant job!
I love his 'feature' wall obviously he takes more notice of 60 Minute Makeover than I realised hehehe!

Drawing and planning; it was never going to be enough as Evan always likes to junk model at any opportunity!

So out came cardboard boxes and my craft tubs and off he went measuring and cutting and planning and telling me I have no taste (Have I got to that stage where I am embarrassing and don't know anything!!?)

I think it is quite futuristic with the hologram carpet and metallic curtains and duvet! The gaming chair and XBox rug just finish it off, I never knew my son was such a minimalist perhaps now I can throw some of his things out! I was really impressed with how good he is at using the computer to print and resize. Sometimes I think we forget just HOW much they are learning in school. His little touches are just brilliant like his Lego teddy, books on the side and shelf unit and don't forget the little knobs on his chest of drawers! I love what he did and I'm actually going to do more of this with him as he is doing 3D rooms in DT at the moment.
The TV is wider than his double bed! 

The colours he picked are Whitening 41, Canton 94, Turquoise Blue 93, Baked Cherry (I LOVE this too) 14 and Green Verditer 92.
It also sparked really good conversation about patterns and how the eye sees lines. He loves the idea that width ways stripes will make his room seem bigger. 

I wouldn't mind this combination at all and it really shows he is growing up! A lovely project and we really enjoyed it...together (even if I have NO taste! ;)

“This is my entry into Little Greene’s child safe paint competition. Find out more at: http://www.littlegreene.com/blog/news/child-safe-paint/