Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Ecover - Message in Their Bottle

I love a good ethical company - I have a lot of favourites.

Ecover has always been one as I suffer from very sensitive skin and it has got much worse over the last year (and my rapidly approaching middle aged-ness) So as you may have already read from previous posts - when Ecover chose me as one of their Citizen Journalists I was ecstatically happy!

On March 6th 2013 Ecover unveiled their Message in our Bottle campaign. It is truly revolutionary and so refreshing to see a company actually putting their effort where their ethics are and being Pro active in regard to this country/world/planet's problems.

Plastic is pretty awful - what ever way you look at it BUT it is changing and has dramatically over the last 20 years.
Companies like Ecover and their very own 'Plantastic' invention for the recycling initiative.

So being invited up to London for the press launch of the project was really exciting and I am thrilled to be a part of it along with fellow festi loving, Vampire adoring blogger Tattooed Mummy, my fellow Citizen journalist.

I met up with a group of fantastic blogging women that all blog very differently but all of us sharing a passion for the environment, recycling and helping where we can.
We discussed our individual views on local level recycling and then issues that involved national/international collaboration and it was brilliant and really informative.

So how much do you REALLY know about recycling?

Just take a second to study this recycling infographic: (For full size click here)

Incredible isn't it? Only 30% of bottles going into UK recycling! This is horrendous and thankfully with Ecover's unique stance on recycling and sea plastic in particular we can make a difference:

I am thrilled somebody has taken on board the job of cleaning our seas. I am a huge fan of Sharks as a lot of you know and I worry about the rate in which they and other marine creatures are becoming extinct - faster than most people could ever imagine.
On a recent report reveals that numbers are estimated at 35% of fish collected during an expedition had plastic in their stomachs. This is a problem growing larger every day, it is not something that will go away. So not only do we have to worry about the over fishing of the sea but the fish itself will probably and eventually not be fit for consumption.

if you want to really see how affects birds and turtles etc have a look at this:

Found inside the stomach of a sea turtle and two young Albatross - for more information please see the work of Chris Jordan who took these pictures.

You might not think this has any type of repercussion for you, but if you eat fish then you can be ingesting plastics just like they have.........

I also have another angle that I am currently investigating and waiting for data that I can share with you all. I know I sound really evasive but I don't want to say too much until I have enough information to give a balanced report.
I will also be discussing in my next post more about my personal role as Ecover's Citizen Journalist.

In the meantime you can keep up to date with Ecover on Twitter, Facebook and their own web mag The Splash!

Do you recycle? Is there enough information available regarding the different types of recyclable material?  

How do you think we can improve things? 

Do you think we should have a more uniform - council level
collection service?

As a company would tax relief be an incentive to make you recycle more?

It's easier than you think being green

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