Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Evan's Dream Bedroom

Evan is 11, and his bedroom is seriously due for an update. It is still Toy Story from 7 years ago when I moved back in to my old home to care for my Mum and for one reason or another Ev's bedroom just hasn't been decorated; so when I found this brilliant creative competition from the Little Greene Paint Company and you can win £200 to spend on paints plus £50 Toys R Us vouchers for your little interior designer. I had to tell Ev and see what he would come up with.....

You just need to blog your child's design and Tweet before the 30th April.

Ev is a huge tech fan so obviously he was going to base his room around gaming - I could see that coming but I sat him down with the Little Green Paint Company's website and asked him to choose his colour scheme from their selections and I was surprised with his choice!

He didn't pick individual colours he found this photo:

He loved the colour combination and the stripes so he sat on the printer and printed off as close he could get to match the combination and did a brilliant job!
I love his 'feature' wall obviously he takes more notice of 60 Minute Makeover than I realised hehehe!

Drawing and planning; it was never going to be enough as Evan always likes to junk model at any opportunity!

So out came cardboard boxes and my craft tubs and off he went measuring and cutting and planning and telling me I have no taste (Have I got to that stage where I am embarrassing and don't know anything!!?)

I think it is quite futuristic with the hologram carpet and metallic curtains and duvet! The gaming chair and XBox rug just finish it off, I never knew my son was such a minimalist perhaps now I can throw some of his things out! I was really impressed with how good he is at using the computer to print and resize. Sometimes I think we forget just HOW much they are learning in school. His little touches are just brilliant like his Lego teddy, books on the side and shelf unit and don't forget the little knobs on his chest of drawers! I love what he did and I'm actually going to do more of this with him as he is doing 3D rooms in DT at the moment.
The TV is wider than his double bed! 

The colours he picked are Whitening 41, Canton 94, Turquoise Blue 93, Baked Cherry (I LOVE this too) 14 and Green Verditer 92.
It also sparked really good conversation about patterns and how the eye sees lines. He loves the idea that width ways stripes will make his room seem bigger. 

I wouldn't mind this combination at all and it really shows he is growing up! A lovely project and we really enjoyed it...together (even if I have NO taste! ;)

“This is my entry into Little Greene’s child safe paint competition. Find out more at: http://www.littlegreene.com/blog/news/child-safe-paint/

Monday, 29 April 2013

Moves Like Jagger #1

I had a surprise today!

I came home to find Mick Jagger in my hallway....

I will let you know how we get on.

I have lots of reviews coming up this week and Evan is also on yet another NO TECH period. He is also now revising for his SATs so no evening playtime and with his Dad & I deciding to give him the MMR next week he is in a great mood!

Have a good week.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Saturday is Caption Day..... #SatCap 27th April

Saturday is Cat-tion Day as we all know and love so see what wonderful masterpieces you lovely lot can come up with for this picture of my two of babies having a slight disagreement!

After this pop over to Mammasaurus and all things up a tree to caption some more!

Catching Up From Behind...

I am behind....

With absolutely everything.

I am 25 years behind in knowing what I want out of life, and I still don't. I WANT to be good - really good, not just acceptable, decent, reasonably good but AWESOME, BRILLIANT at something.
I just don't know what it is yet.
I am going to find out though and achieve it.

Monday, 22 April 2013

A Right Royal Anniversary.....

So the 29th of April will see the second anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall or Kate and Wills as they are more tenderly known.

I wouldn't have remembered if I was being honest if it had not been for the fab competition that Onechocolate Communications are running to win a gorgeous Panasonic NE Series Wireless Speaker!

So what do we have to do to win this amazing prize I hear you cry... Well Kate and Wills are in need of a right royal playlist to shake their crowns to and we have to come up with the top 5 tunes they might like to listen to.

So what would the next in lines want to be using their Panasonic for?

Number 5

So as it is 2 years they are celebrating their cotton anniversary it can be no other than


Number 4

Obviously I couldn't do this post without mentioning the forthcoming royal birth so in at number 4 is....


Number 3

Couldn't really imagine having a playlist for Will without imagining him doing Gangnam style in all it's glory but then I thought it would be much much funnier to see the whole Royal Family do a Harlem Shake video so it's in at the third position! ONLY to find they already have done and you can see the hilarity here:


So what could come in at number 2? They are always quite up for a laugh so to honor this I thought maybe to bring in the family tie we would have to have a number by England's favourite rockers and mention Granny at the same time ...

Number 2


SO pop pickers what could top the Anniversary playlist of our favourite royal duo?
It HAS to be something sloppy as well they are still in the honeymoon period and we know they like to be all smoochy so with no further ado

Number 1

Drum roll please.......


There you go, a lovely smoochy number that William can sing into Kate's ear as they float around the dining room! A fantastic musical line up to help them through a night of reminiscing about the National Party Celebrations and where I looked like this.....

Yes I know....

But it was a party.....

And you have to make an effort.....

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Pool Fun... Saturday is Caption Day!!

So happy sunshiny Saturday to you all! What clever captions can you come up with this week?


When you have finished pop on over to the lovely Mammasaurus and come up with more witty puns!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Sunshine and Daisies - Wine Glass Charms Competition

My blog was officially 1yr old on the 26th March, I didn't really mention it or make a fuss as I didn't really take my blog seriously or think I was any good at it until much later in the year.

So this is an unofficial official birthday giveaway!

One of the first ever companies I followed on Twitter was @WineGlassCharms and the very lovely Miki who runs the company.

So I thought it was quite apt to run a competition in conjunction with this lovely business and offer one of my lovely readers the chance to win a set of my favourites the Black Board Charms - they come in a set of 10 and you can chalk on whatever you like an initial a picture; then just wipe it off and start over for your next guests! Love this idea.

You can read all about Sunshine and Daisies HERE

There are so many beautiful sets to choose from:

and I love the super fun Fortune Telling set:

So for your chance to win the fab Blackboard set just fill out my Rafflecoptor form and don't forget to come back everyday for extra entries!

UK ONLY Only those that have completed the Mandatory steps will be entered. Winner has 7 days to respond or another winner will be drawn.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions

Monday, 8 April 2013

Disrespectfully Yours 'Mrs' Thatcher.

I was reading my timeline on Twitter today during my bus ride home from the gadget show when I saw the news pop up the old "Mother" Thatcher (as my dearest Dad called her) had died today after a stroke.
I tweeted about it and was subsequently told off for just calling her 'Thatcher' as apparently it was 'disrespectful' ..... DISRESPECTFUL? I tweeted back that I had no respect for her whilst she was alive so why should I now?
I never like to hear anyone has died nor do I ever wish anyone to die but I also do not pretend upon hearing about death that I liked or respected them when I did not.

I was brought up throughout Thatcherite Britain and I watched everyone around me struggle from my Dad to his friends, to my local economy and the country itself.
It was very like how I feel about things at the moment. The rich are thriving and those desperate and in need struggle more and more each day.
Services and benefits being cut, prices rising, being penalised for being a single parent, disabled, having an extra bedroom (even if you need one for your children to be allowed to visit) services on local and national scales and business dying.
I don't know a huge deal about politics but I do know what is morally right and this government [just as her's] does not seem to.
I watched privatisation  in the 80's pick apart household companies that it was supposed to be helping. During the recession in the early 80s the Tories had begun to propose privatisation as a healing remedy, The thought was that privatisation would make the large utility companies more efficient and productive therefore making Britain more competitive in relation to its rivals in Europe. So this period saw the government sell off Jaguar, BT, what was left of Cable & Wireless and British Aerospace, Britoil and British Gas for starters then on to Steel and British Petroleum; overall I think it was 42 companies! So the Thatcher administration had decided to focus on privatising the main utilities this country had.
I read a piece on Thatcherite Britain and whether anything she did actually helped the economy at all by Dr Middleton from Bristol he insists the 1980s fail badly in equality of income and the stability of the economy itself.

Coddled by tax cuts and soaring house prices, high earners controlled an ever-widening share of national income. ( sound familiar?)
And boom-and-bust policies, he insists, "were a macroeconomic disaster."
"They took a stable economy and turned it into an unstable one."

What she did to the utilities I worry that Cameron will do to public services, NHS via Virgin or Apple? Who knows ... Scares the crap out of me.
With her seeing the back of the unions and belittling the common working man, who does speak for us anymore? In the work place we are on our own which was one of the goals - to stop the workforce demanding pay increases etc making business far more alluring to investors.

I don't remember much about the 80s being fun, except maybe the fashion - even the charts were full of anti Thatcher music. Bands singing about disillusionment and the stresses of living under such a right wing leadership. Everything was depressing.
War, poverty and oppression; that is what I remember of her and not much else!
I remember watching the Miners riots and grown men crying and screaming to save their jobs/areas/ communities and getting nowhere.
The best thing about her? Her Spitting Image puppet which made me laugh far more than anything she ever did.

Wish they would come back - would love to see what the show would do to Cameron and Clegg!

AND she took away my milk and MY dentist! So no, sorry not crying over any spilt or stolen milk.....

Soundtrack to this POST

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Final Day at GSL Gadget Show Live 2013

Yes today it all comes to an end - Just on the way over now to do my top 10 stands you should visit today!

So keep your eyes peeled on the blog and if you see me come and say Hi!

Silent Sunday .... 07/04/13

Silent Sunday..........

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Day 4 Gadget Show Live


I was shown around the range yesterday and it is fab, for a mid price tablet the quality that I was playing with yesterday you would be hard pressed to find one with a better deal attached!

I was playing with the 10.1 T 1016Q Quad Core with 16 GB Nand Flash Storage and 2GB DDR3 Memory - will retail for around £270 which I find really hard to believe! It is truly is a remarkable bit of kit and the response of the touch screen is fast and accurate with a clarity normally you would reserve for the normal household name market leaders. I was blown away with the quality of the video and gallery shots. Front and rear cameras and running Jelly Bean Android 4.1 This is a real find and worth a moment of anybody's time to view it!

There are some really good deals to be had if you visit the stand at The Gadget Show so pop on over and talk to the guys in hall 8 right opposite the entrance.

Time to take your TABLETS... Gadget Show Days 3/4

OK so day 3 I actually feel like I have moved in and the Gadget Show is now my home but divulging in a few cans of Kick Energy and I was well away!

First on the agenda today was the Connectivity talk at the Microsoft theatre - Evan was absolutely enthralled and is now SMART GLASS's biggest fan. Finding out he can control his XBOX from his smart phone and his tablet has gone down a treat in fact he has a guest blog post coming up very soon!

So you can catch the connectivity talk at around 3.10 pm today at the Microsoft Theatre on stand C45 - really worth a visit!

 So this post is really about the tablets that I have looked at and used here this week.

The Surface

I know I keep ranting about it but it truly is awesome! I am sat typing on the touch keyboard at this moment and even though it takes me back to being 9 yrs old and in front on my Sinclair ZX81 (oh how I loved you and your 1k ram) but it is versatile and it is gorgeous and sturdy and friendly and you can share stuff and and and .... *takes a breath and calms down

Ian from Microsoft has given me a guided tour of the equipment and the basics of Windows 8 and I am smitten. After realising just how unfriendly my iPad is and completely useless for working from I am so thrilled to be able to use this!

The Surface is made from VaporMG (magnesium alloy) which allows it to be thin and really strong and so light you wouldn't know it is even there.
The 32 GB has a slot for another 32 memory card so you can double the capacity. It also allows you to snap on and off the keyboard and bend it back on itself which automatically shuts off the keys so no accidental typing!
The Kickstand is great and I love typing on my knees and in bed so brillo pads for that!

Retailing in at  £399 (touch keyboard £79.99) it is well worth the money! If you are at GSL this weekend have a play with it and be prepared to love it!

More in a mo!

Saturday is Caption Day - #SatCap

Saturday Caption.....

So as I'm at the Gadget Show this week can you think of a 'Genie-us' (urgh sorry) catch phrase for this pic?

When you have head on over to Mammasaurus and have a go at some more!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Tech No Prisoners! Gadget Show Day 2

So back in to the craziness of GSL Thursday - Day 2.

Ev was straight into the Microsoft stand and on to the Vaio Touch Tap - (like mother like son!)  He loved trying out the games on it, as did I - the response is fantastic but I also want to say how wicked the mouse is, amazing design.
Still think the Surface wins over it all though because of it's size and transportability plus the fact I love the keyboard which you just click on.

Our good friends at AF International The specialists in PC, workstation, office equipment and multimedia cleaning products are back at stand D180 and have discounts on ALL the RRP prices and are giving away USB fans (which are awesome) and free samples - Make sure you go and say Hi!

It is amazing that you miss so much walking around - we have already now completed 2 days and yet are STILL finding areas and stands we have missed!

We are SO GLAD we found this: 


This has just blown us away! Retailing at just 34.99 and NOT available until August - this system is just amazing.
For your money you get a 'theatre' with props and on product launch a free app for any smart phone/device will allow you to create interactive Holographic movies!

I took a video of part of the show so you can get some idea of what you can do:

If you visit the stand there is also a chance to win one!

Please go and see this - it truly is AWESOME!

As most of you know - companies I use/find/recommend I find through competitions that they run online. Otone are no exception and they are such a fun and friendly company, that I would have never heard of without the power of a great competition!

Well I'm a complete speaker fan and yesterday the lovely Gareth gave me a tour of the new products and they are amazing.
I particularly loved the Soundship Micro - Android Bluetooth Microdock - The design is stylish, neat and very futuristic without going over the top. 
It is very tactile and I love the push down centre so it feels interactive! The size is excellent and for those of us that do not have a great deal of space in their homes - is practical without losing out on any quality.

"The simple “Push & Pop” mechanism opens up to reveal an integrated micro USB
dock connector. Once the base is open it also displays a retractable USB cable, to
recharge the battery, and a stereo jack connector for an AUX line-in. The Bluetooth
functionality adds that extra flexibility, so whatever device you have,
you’re covered."

Total RMS Power: 2 x 3W
Frequency Response: 150 Hz ~ 20KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio: >55dB
Audio Input: Bluetooth, Micro USB docking, 3.5mm stereo
Power: AC/DC 5V 2A, Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Weight: 0.53kg
Speaker dimensions (W x H x D):
115x 250 x 45 mm

The Soundbar the Sonora AV-Lance, which was unveiled at the show on Tuesday to the press and Wednesday to the Public has clarity and a rich depth to the sound. I was really impressed with how clear the music was with all the background noise to deal with!
It is also really stylish and with the wireless subwoofer will fit into any home.

Total RMS Power: 120W (2 x 30W + 60W)
Frequency Response (soundbar): 90 Hz ~ 20KHz
Frequency Response (subwoofer): 40 Hz ~ 90 Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio: >100dB
Audio Input: SPDIF (optical), 2 x RCA stereo,
3.5mm stereo
Power Supply: AC Mains
Soundbar: AC(100-240V /50-60Hz) - DC (24V 2.5A)
Subwoofer: AC(100-240V /50-60Hz) - DC (24V 2.7A)
Speaker dimensions (W x H x D):
Soundbar: 1011.8mm x 113.3mm x 107.7mm
Subwoofer: 205mm x 319.5mm x 311.2mm

The Soundship is also a really nice size and the sound is excellent. I love the display and touch control.

"The interchangeable connectors can be swapped to suit your device, or the dock can
also be used as a desktop charging stand.
Lightening, 30 pin and micro USB connectors mean it's compatible with most Apple
and Android Smart devices and Bluetooth functionality takes care of the rest, so
whatever device you have, you’re covered.
By detaching the dock, it can be used as a desk stand, this can then be
connected to either the Soundship base or any laptop or PC via the USB
cable to simultaneously charging/sync'ing your device."

Get over to the stand and have a listen!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Gadgets For All

The afternoon on Day 1 of this year's Gadget Show Live was just as much fun, especially for Ev - who on one of his expeditions found a game that he LOVES and also managed to have a go on Resident Evil Regeneration, Tomb Raider and various others....

....mmmmm now last year there was a BIG thing made about age and even if you looked under the age certificate for a particular game you were allowed nowhere near. Not so much this year.....

Ev asking how old they are 9 and 7!

I am quite particular with what Evan plays and sees at home and even though I allow him some fantasy violence he is not allowed to play RE (My favourite all time series) so I am not too happy about this but hey ho...plenty TO be happy about!

There is a massive competition between 4 universities that reaches its climax on Sunday with the announcement of the winner and them receiving a licence worth huge amounts of money to get their winning game out. Evan is besotted with PolyMorph by the Uni from Staffordshire - so go check out the entries and vote for your favourite - find them in the Gaming Zone.

In the gaming zone we also stumbled upon this company - H-5D Holographic Gaming at C202

They are very happy just being serious for the photo!

The gaming experience is just awesome - I was amazed as was Ev, we watched a good deal of the Batman game being played and it is just amazing! 3D gaming like I've never seen, I would LOVE a good zombie game made by these guys!

The whole system that you get includes the PC, Projector, Glasses everything (great pack of kit) and although a final price is not finalised they think it will come in around/between 2900 & 3200 which sounds vast for a gaming system but as it is a new project and with the right people/backing behind them who knows.... 
Well worth checking out.

Vibe Watch are back with more funky collections and fab waterproof covers for iPads and iPhones! We particularly like the new metal bezels and accessories. Great gifts for the kids as you can swap the colours around and prices start from just £2!!  Find the stand at D250.