Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Up In Smoke!

I have smoked for a really really long time. I was 13 and encouraged by people that should have known better.
I gave up once for 6 months and then in a drunken Glastonbury stupor thought I could have one, nope I couldn't.

I am asthmatic, since being diagnosed at 5yrs old. I have nearly died twice - ICU serious and it still didn't stop me.
I think it was other people telling me I had to - so instantly I didn't want to but thought I should, not the way to do it.

My BFF Sonya made me take a long hard serious look at myself last year, I had been hospitalised again and she said she left the ward in tears as I looked so ill and couldn't imagine what my son must have thought. That was it really, I had a VERY serious word with myself and so waited until I was well enough and chest infection free to start Zyban.

It is not a nice pill, you can fit, have seriously bad headaches etc etc but I started them 2 weeks ago. The first week you smoke as normal the second you nominate a day and give up.

That day was today and I feel fine!!

I have my vapouriser with raspberry liquid, in 11mg nicotine and in 0mg I filled it with 11 and now top up with 0 so I should be at 0 by next week. I have probably only had about 30 puffs all day and it is great.

Twice I almost bought some baccy but I didn't. I have the ashtrays with butts in - around the place and only once was I tempted to rip them open and make 1 cig out of them, but I didn't.

I don't want to be a smoker any more. I don't like it. It makes me very ill. It makes me very tired, and I probably smell.

I am smoke free.

I did it.

Have you struggled, Have you given up? How did you do it? How do you feel? Please feel free to leave a comment!

Your less-smelly